6 monkeys given an experimental drug by oxford didn't get coronavirus even after heavy exposure
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This video of a monkey trying to drag a baby across the alley in a bid to kidnap it went viral on the internet. A small child surrounded by grown-ups was attacked by a monkey in broad daylight, but the adults managed to get the monkey off the baby's back. It looks like a movie scene where this well-trained monkey performs a stunt on his mini motorcycle.

The monkey seen in the footage rides like an expert, suddenly stopping where the bunch of kids were playing and snatched a child and drags her roughly on the ground. What makes this scenario even worse is that this well-trained monkey lost the grip at first while the child was squealing but went back and dragged the child by the hair.

As the monkey chooses to go harder by pulling the child by the hair, it takes the child quite far down the alley, some grownups finally take the matter in their hands and come forward to frighten this monkey off. The person who recorded this entire video mentioned to a local media house that owning the monkey in Indonesia is illegal.

Although, locals still pet them for entertainment purpose assuming there are no negative consequences. Hopefully, this video will be a red flag for locals and a warning for Indonesian officials as these trained monkeys can take children away.

Such incidents related to monkey crime are not rare, in fact, recently a toddler was kidnapped by a monkey in India. The monkey was later found playing with the toddler on the streets.

After the video was shared, people from different parts of the world started sharing their encounters in the comments section. They discussed how these monkey crimes can turn out to be dangerous for humans, especially when the monkeys are well-trained.

Monkeys have been seen entering government buildings in search of food during the virus lockdown
Monkeys have been seen entering government buildings in search of food during the virus lockdown AFP / Money SHARMA