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  • A Wendy's worker in Arizona was caught on camera punching an elderly customer
  • The customer fell to the floor and lost consciousness
  • The worker has been booked on one count of aggravated assault

A surveillance camera was able to capture the moment a fast-food worker in Yavapai County, Arizona, punched an elderly customer more than two weeks ago.

Antoine Kendrick was manning the register of a Wendy's in Prescott Valley on July 26 when a 67-year-old man complained about his order, news outlet Arizona's Family reported.

Kendrick, 35, then came out of from behind the counter and punched the elderly customer in the head as the latter was hunched over and licking his ice cream, footage of the incident that was obtained by the outlet showed.

"Oh, wow that was a pretty hard hit. That was a Mike Tyson hit," one customer said, referring to the boxing legend.

The old man fell to the ground, and Kendrick looked at him before he returned behind the counter, grabbed some items and walked away.

The elderly victim, who hit his head and was knocked unconscious when he fell, was flown to a hospital. He was still listed in critical condition as of Monday, according to the New York Post.

Kendrick has since been booked on one count of aggravated assault.

Police did not detail what caused the disagreement between him and the old man.

However, some claimed that Kendrick's actions could not be justified regardless of what they discussed.

"The customer didn't touch him, so he had no right to touch the customer, period, end of story. I just think that's horrible and wish it didn't happen. It puts a bad light on our entire society," one customer was quoted as saying by the New York Post.

Wendy's has yet to comment on the incident.

A similar incident happened in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in late June when a fast-food restaurant manager fired a gun at a customer who complained about his order.

Sherrika Starnes, 36, was arrested over the shooting that happened on June 22 in the parking lot of the Checkers restaurant on 829 North West Broad Street.

Two brothers, whose names were not disclosed by police, had ordered and paid for food at the establishment at around 1 p.m. that day.

However, one of the men later got into an argument with Checkers employees after he complained that his order took too long to be served, a preliminary investigation found.

As the argument was happening, another unnamed man started causing problems in the restaurant's parking lot and threw rocks at the brothers.

Starnes, the branch manager of the Checkers, yelled at the men and asked them to leave before going outside the restaurant with a handgun.

One of the brothers allegedly threw a drink at Starnes, who fired one round at him.

No one was injured in the incident, and Starnes later approached police to talk to detectives.

Starnes is now facing aggravated assault charges. She was released on bond, and her hearing is scheduled to take place on Aug. 22.

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Representation. Wendy's has yet to comment on a July 26 incident in Arizona where one of their employees punched an elderly customer. michaelform/Pixabay