Although it is easy to head to his favorite store and buy him a gift card for Christmas, why not treat your boyfriend to a special present this holiday season? International Business Times came up with a few unique ideas that will surely make a memorable impression on the man in your life.

Here are 5 original Christmas gift ideas to consider giving your boyfriend this holiday season:

1. Happiness Is

Buy your guy a Happiness Is shirt this Christmas. Happiness Is Inc.

The holiday season brings in a certain sense of joy and Happiness Is Inc. allows you to wear your heart on your sleeve. With the goal to inspire gratitude, the brand offers a variety of tees and sweatshirts crafted with premium yarn that includes a theme for everyone on your list.

2. TruWood

TruWood watch
Gift your boyfriend with a TruWood watch this Christmas. TruWood

Although a watch may seem like an average gift, an accessory from TruWood is far from basic. The company offers a variety of men’s and women’s fashion accessories including watches, sunglasses and bracelets. Along with snagging your beau a unique handcrafted accessory, you can rest easy knowing that the company plants 10 trees per order.

3. Thirsty Towels

Thirsty Towels
Give your boyfriend the gift of a cozy bathrobe from Thirsty Towels this holiday season. Thirsty Towels

Whether you want to treat him to a spa day at home, or are determined to make him feel comfortable the minute he steps out of the shower, a bathrobe from Thirsty Towels will be the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend. This cozy garment is crafted from the finest materials that will surely make him feel like he is staying at a five-star resort. Along with helping him relax, the robe will pull water away from his skin and leave him feeling warm and dry.

4. Blenders Eyewear

Blenders Eyewear
Blenders Eyewear makes the perfect Christmas gift. Blenders Eyewear

Add some style to your boyfriend’s Christmas gifts by buying him a pair of trendy, functional frames from Blenders Eyewear. From sunglasses to snow goggles, the brand offers accessories that are sure to please any outdoor adventurer.

5. Indoor Grilling Kit

Treat your beau with this Indoor Grilling Kit from Man Crates this holiday season. Man Crates

Don’t let winter get in the way of his grilling needs. This Indoor Grilling Kit from Man Crates includes a Finex Lean Grill Pan, 100% Natural Cast Iron Seasoning Oil, Infused Cherrywood Smoked Salt and Steak Seasoning. Surprise your guy with the gift that can turn his kitchen into a state-of-the-art grilling studio.