Every dad deserves the perfect Christmas present, but unfortunately, for most shoppers, picking an original, thoughtful gift year-after-year can become a taxing job. For those looking for a little assistance in their online browsing this holiday season, here are 11 original gift ideas for every type of dad and where to buy them:


Nap Massaging Bed Rest
The Nap™ Massaging Bed Rest from Brookstone.com-- $99.99 Brookstone.com

For the dad who would rather enjoy the comforts of his own home, consider buying him the Nap Massaging Bed Rest from Brookstone. The support system, which offers a built-in vibrating massager to increase muscle relaxation and is built with comfortable NapSoft material, also includes a pocket for storage, a cup holder, and a bendable LED light. The Nap Massing Bed Rest is currently priced at $99.99 at Brookstone.com.


iPhone Ollo Clip
The Olloclip - 3-in-1 Photo Lens for Apple® iPhone® 5 from BestBuy.com-- $69.99 BestBuy.com

Is your dad an Apple product fanboy? If yes, then get him a product that will extend the amount of things his smartphone can accomplish by gifting him the iPhone Ollo Clip from BestBuy. The 3-in-1 photo lens allows users to take more versatile photos with its fish-eye, macro and wide-angle lens options. This techie-friendly gift is currently for sale at BestBuy.com with prices ranging from $63.98 to $99.99 depending on the iPhone model.


Zipbud headphones from Zipbuds.com-- $19.99 Zipbud.com

Give your own personal rock star a way to enjoy his favorite tunes without having to deal with the struggle of untangling his headphone cords. Zipbuds allows music listeners to enjoy the use of compact ear buds without hassle by utilizing a zipper to keep cords from tangling. These unique headphones can be purchased at Zipbuds.com for $19.99. A glow-in-the-dark version is also available for purchase for $24.99.


Trifecta Chrome Shaving Kit
The Trifecta Chrome Shaving Kit from Fancy.com-- $70 Fancy.com

For a dad who loves to keep up appearances, gift him the Trifecta Chrome shaving kit from Fancy. The Home Wetbar kit includes a chrome soap dish, badger brush, razor (compatible with Mach 3 razors) and a compact, matching stand. The shaving kit is currently selling for $70 at Fancy.com.


Beer-Making Kit
Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit from Anthropologie-- $40 Anthropologie.com

What could a beer-loving dad love more than more beer? While he may have to work to get it, getting dad Anthropologie’s beer making kit this Christmas will give him a taste of what it takes to create the well-loved alcoholic brew. The reusable kit includes a one-gallon fermenter (as well as other necessary beer-making essentials) and is available in three different flavors: chocolate maple porter, bruzelles blonde and everyday ipa. The Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit is currently for sale on Anthropologie.com for $40.


Game Table
Play by Play 4-in-1 game table from LandofNod-- $179 landofnod.com

Get what every man-child wants this Christmas — an actual toy. LandofNod’s Play by Play table gives dad four gaming options with a built-in pool, hockey, foosball and table tennis table all in one compact device. This unique gaming table is available for sale at LandofNod.com for $179.


Laser Light Keyboard
Epic- Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard from ThinkGeek-- $99.99 ThinkGeek.com

Give your tech-savvy dad a new way to use his computer by gifting him the inventive Bluetooth virtual keyboard from Think Geek. The product, which uses lasers to project a full-size keyboard onto any flat service, is compatible with most smart devices and laptops. The Epic - Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard is selling for $99.99 (limit two per customer) at ThinkGeek.com.


Customized NFL Jersey
Customized Team Game Jersey from NFLShop.com-- $114.95 NFLshop.com

Make your sports-related gift unique this year by gifting dad a personalized jersey. The NFL Shop is offering sports fan the chance to get their own name and number of choice printed on the back on a jersey representing their favorite team. Whether you love the Giants or the Jets, this is a gift your sports-fantastic dad would love to receive this holiday. NFLshop.com is selling personalized jerseys at the current sale price of $114.95.


OSTRICHPILLOW from studiobananathings.com-- 80 euros (approx. $109.25 in USD) studiobananathings.com

Forget a boring planner; get your workaholic dad the chance to take a break this holiday. The OSTRICHPILLOW, currently an Internet sensation, offers users the chance to catch up on some serious shuteye in the comfort of their own office. The cushioned pillow, which covers users eyes while offering neck support, is available for sale at studiobananthings.com for 80 euros (approx. $109.25 in USD).


Digital Grilling Thermometer
iGrill Black Digital Grilling Thermometer With Dual Probes from BBQGuys.com-- $79.99 BBQGuys.com

Give your favorite grill master the tool he needs to keep a watchful eye on his barbequed creations. The iGrill, a digital thermometer with dual probes, can make even the most inexperienced BBQ’er an expert on the grill by helping alert cooks the temperatures of their food items. The product, currently for sale at BBQGuys.com for $79.99, can monitor two pieces of meat simultaneously. Facebook integration also allows chefs to show off their delectable delicacies to friends online.


Apocalypse Kit
Seven-piece Apocalypse Kit from Gerber.com-- $349 Gerber.com

Every outdoorsman might appreciate this gift (and even the possible chuckle that comes with it) by gifting him Gerber’s Apocalypse Kit. The seven piece kit, which includes end-of-the-world friendly tools such as a machete and axe, is designed to help fight against the “walking dead” and other unknown disasters. The Apocalypse Kit is for sale at Gerber.com for $349.