Dark chocolate said to reduce cholesterol levels.
New Research says that dark chocolate can bring down cholesterol levels. Reuters

What is it about high cholesterol that about 100 million Americans have it? High cholesterol comes in different sources. It may come from what you eat and the family history that you have. Here are some common causes of high cholesterol.

  • The kind of diet

If you eat high amounts of saturated fat like the ones you have in your classic breakfast, your cholesterol level will shoot up. You will get it from unhealthy fat that comes from beef, pork, veal, milk, animal, eggs, butter and cheese. Foods packed that has coconut oil, palm oil and cocoa butter are also high in saturated fat. Good sources of saturated fat may also be found in margarine sticks, chips, crackers, shortening, cookies and other snacks.

  • The weight that you have

Beer belly is not sexy and is not doing well for your social life. However, it doesn't end there. When you are overweight, your triglycerides go higher and HDL decreases. If the HDL decreases, it means your good fat is low. Lose the beer belly and try to attempt to get that abs you've always wanted.

  • Level of Activity

Stop being a couch potato. Having a sedentary lifestyle will increase the bad cholesterol that you have. Also, you are decreasing the amount of good cholesterol you have in your body.

  • Gender and Age

Once you reach the age of 20, the cholesterol levels you have will start to increase. In men, the cholesterol levels will distinctly change after 50 years old. As for women, the levels of cholesterol will remain low until menopause. After that, it will rise just like the level in men.

  • Total level of health

Never skip any of your annual physical exams. Make sure that your physician clearly explains your heart disease risk. In addition, diabetes and hypothyroidism may increase the cause of high cholesterol.

  • Family History

If your dad has high levels of cholesterol, then there's huge potential that your cholesterol levels are high.

  • Smoking Cigarettes

You know that smoking can kill you. Yet, not all know that smoking a cigarette can decrease the levels of good cholesterol that you have.