Stephen and Robbie Amell
Stephen Amell (left) and Robbie Amell have created a movie together called "Code 8." The cousins are pictured at a special screening for "Arrow" and "The Flash" in Westwood, California, on Nov. 22, 2014. Getty Images

No, it’s not another “The Flash”/“Arrow” crossover. This time, Stephen Amell is teaming up with cousin Robbie Amell for something outside of the DC TV universe. But their new project remains shrouded in mystery.

The men both posted a teaser trailer for “Code 8” to social media on Saturday. Based on the project’s Facebook page, we know it’s a film. It still isn’t clear if it’s a short or a feature-length movie, though. It also appears to be in familiar territory for the Amell boys. It’s very much a sci-fi project.

The video warns that people with superhuman abilities make up more than half the arrests in the world of “Code 8.” Characters played by Robbie Amell and Aaron Abrams are suddenly targeted by police.

Watch the trailer below:

The Amells first debuted the trailer at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, a sci-fi convention, in Illinois Saturday. “Stephen and I have been trying to work together for a long time,” Robbie, who played Ronnie Raymond in the CW’s “The Flash,” told audiences. “We got a little taste of it on the ‘Flash’/‘Arrow’ crossover, and we’ve been putting this together since August with a bunch of friends and family and calling in favors.”

The trailer gives the date March 22, and a countdown clock to March 22 is on the “Code 8” website along with a spot for interested fans to enter their email addresses. Stephen, who plays Oliver Queen in the CW’s “Green Arrow,” told convention audiences that it was “a trailer for the trailer,” so it seems that a longer video will be released on that date.

The film was made with Toronto-based film studio Colony Pictures. The studio’s founder, Jeff Chan, is also listed as the “Code 8” director. In addition, Chan is a producer along with both Amells on the official Facebook page. It’s worth noting that Stephen is only listed in the producer section while Robbie is listed in the cast section as well. Joining him in the cast are Abrams, Sung Kang, Chad Donella and Alfred Rubin Thompson.

Look to the “Code 8” website and social media pages on March 22 for more information about the movie.