Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Flkr

Yesterday, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 star Kristen Stewart turned 22 and celebrated at a Hollywood night club with boyfriend Robert Pattinson. The two cozied up at Harvard and Stone, enjoying cocktails and a burlesque show, according to the LA Times. So what did R-Patz buy for his lady love of three years? Rob was spotted purchasing film-making equipment prior to K-Stew's b-day. The starlet has expressed her dream of writing and possibly directing. Could the Bel Ami star have given Stewart the tools necessary to become the next great actor/director? It's highly likely since the two are known for buying some seriously nice gifts for one another.

For instance, when Stewart turned 21, she was given a motorcycle. Jeez, what ever happened to a simple piece of jewelery? The actress was presented with the bike after filming on the Twilight series concluded (which happened to fall on her birthday). Last Christmas the Snow White and the Huntsman star shelled out $12,000 on vintage guitars for Pattinson, including an 1959 Fender Jazzmaster. Earlier this year, reports surfaced that Pattinson purchased a $1 million house in Paris for Stewart after they visited the city together. Dubbed Robsten's Parisian Love Pad, it was later revealed that the purchase may have never happened.

Last month, Stewart purchased a $70,000 piano for Pattinson on their anniversary. The vintage Steinway grand seemed to be the perfect gift for the musically inclined Pattinson, who has been playing instruments and singing for much of his life. Though the gifts aren't cheap, Robsten can afford it! The two are ranked as some of the highest paid actors in the world. In 2011, Stewart earned $28.5 million, making her the top earning actress in the world. Pattinson ranked in a cool $27.5 million that year.