President Trump Friday denied he made an inappropriate promise to a foreign leader, saying whatever conversation he had was “pitch perfect.”

The denial came a day after Capitol Hill lawmakers were briefed by Michael Atkinson, the inspector general for the intelligence committee, in a closed-door session on why he declined to transmit an “urgent” whistleblower complaint about Trump’s conversation to Capitol Hill as required by law.

Details of the complaint have not been revealed but the Washington Post reported late Thursday it involved Ukraine.

“Strange that with so many other people hearing or knowing of the perfectly fine and respectful conversation, that they would not have also come forward. Do you know the reason why they did not? Because there was nothing said wrong, it was pitch perfect!” Trump tweeted.

The Post reported Trump spoke July 25 with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, a former professional comedian elected in May. Democrats had been investigating that call amid allegations Trump and his personal lawyer, Rudy Giulani, had been trying to pressure Kiev to pursue corruption charges against former Vice President Joe Biden, who his leading the field of Democrats running for the 2020 presidential nomination.

Congressional Democrats suspected the administration as a bargaining tool was holding back military aid to Ukraine, including $250 million for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative intended to help it defend itself against Russia. That aid was released last week.

Giulani has said he wants Ukraine to investigate whether Biden pressured prosecutors to drop the investigation of a natural gas company where his son, Hunter Biden, was on board.

Following a contentious interview on CNN, Giuliani tweeted the president was just doing his job when he asked the new president of a “corrupt country” to investigate corruption.

“We’re not meddling in an election; we’re meddling in an investigation, which we have a right to do,” Giuliani told the New York Times earlier this month. “There’s nothing illegal about it. … I’m asking them to do an investigation that they’re doing already and that other people are telling them to stop. And I’m going to give them reasons why they shouldn’t stop it because that information will be very, very helpful to my client, and may turn out to be helpful to my government.”

It still was unclear whether the Aug. 12 complaint involved Ukraine. Trump also spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, the prime ministers of Pakistan and the Netherlands and the emir of Qatar during the time period.