President Donald Trump took to Twitter Friday to wish his "great Irish friends" a "Happy Lá Fheile Phadraig," which is an Irish phrase that means "the Day of the Festival of Patrick." However, the president misspelled Pádraig as "Phadraig."   

Trump's tweet came after the annual speaker’s lunch on Capitol Hill Thursday, where he met with Enda Kenny, the Irish Prime Minister. Trump described the leader of Fine Gael as his "new friend." During the meeting at the White House, Trump promised the U.S. and Ireland  would have a stronger bond.

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"As America gains renewed strength Ireland will find us to be an ever faithful partner and an always loyal friend, we will be there for you," Trump said. 

He continued: "The people of Ireland and the people of the United States have stuck together through good times and bad times. Over many centuries we have built a bond that thrives, inspires and endures. And with us, it’s going to be closer than ever before, I can tell you that."

At the speaker’s lunch, Kenny and Trump touched base on the 50,000 undocumented Irish who live in the U.S. Trump agreed to work with Kenny to secure more visa routes for new Irish immigrants.

"This is what I said to your predecessor on a number of occasions — we would like this to be sorted," Kenny told the president. "It would remove a burden off so many people that they can stand out in the light and say 'now I am free to contribute to America, as I know I can.'"

Trump told Kenny, "Ireland will always be a friend of America," and added: "The European Union will always be a friend of America and that cooperation between these two most developed economies will be to the mutual benefit of millions of people in Europe and the United States." 

At the annual St. Patrick’s Day reception in the White House Thursday, Kenny presented Trump with a traditional bowl of shamrock in a commissioned crystal.

He urged his new friend to come to Ireland. Trump said he would "absolutely" pay him a visit. 

Kenny, who traveled to New York Thursday, is due to march in the St Patrick’s Day parade.

St. Patrick's Day is a religious holiday in Ireland held on March 17. Lá Fhéile Pádraig (La ale-lah pwad-rig) celebrates Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who lived in the beginning of the 5th century AD.