masked singer prize
Monster in the “All Together Now” episode of “The Masked Singer.” Michael Becker / Fox

Fox’s new reality competition series, “The Masked Singer,” started out with 12 costumed celebrities and is now down to the final five contestants. The semi-final episode airs tonight and will be the first time two singers are unmasked. What happens at the end of the finale episode, though?

When either Peacock, Lion, Rabbit, Bee or Monster is crowned the winner, what do they get for their efforts? What does “The Masked Singer” winner receive for making it through all the rounds and beating out all of the other competitors?

Part one of the prize: Bragging rights.

Some celebrities are on this show because they’ve always wanted to try their hand at singing, some just thought it would be fun and some wanted to prove that they’re actually good singers and performers. Winning this show would give the top singer some major bragging rights and go a long way in proving their case about their talents.

The second part of the prize: The Golden Mask trophy.

That’s right, the winner will also receive a physical representation of their bragging rights in the form of a trophy. Once the competition’s no longer something the winner will have to worry about, all they’ll be left to consider is where oh where they’ll put their award so everyone can see it.

Find out who will nab these winning prizes when the two-hour “The Masked Singer”​ finale airs on Feb. 27 on Fox at 8 p.m. EST. Before then, see two more contestants unmasked during the semi-finals tonight at 9 p.m. EST.