Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip wave to guests as they visit the Patron's Lunch, a special street party outside Buckingham Palace in London on June 12, 2016. Getty Images/Ben Stansall

Prince Philip reportedly has an unflattering nickname for Queen Elizabeth II, and the meaning behind it has finally been revealed.

In a 2007 report by the Daily Mirror, royal correspondent James Whitaker said that Prince Philip calls Her Majesty “sausage.” In some occasions, the Duke of Edinburgh fondly calls his wife “cabbage.”

One year earlier, royal biographer Robert Lacey also said that Prince Philip calls the monarch “cabbage.” The nickname reportedly stems from the French term of affection, mon petit chou, which directly translates to “my little cabbage” in English. The French term may also be translated to “my little pastry puff.”

Meanwhile, “cabbage” and “sausage” are not the Queen’s only nicknames. When the Queen Mother died in 2002, the Queen wrote a card for her mom which she placed on top of her coffin. The monarch signed the card with her nickname Lilibet.

The other members of the royal family also have unique nicknames for each other. Prince Charles used to call Camilla Parker Bowles Gladys before they tied the knot. Out of anger, Princess Diana reportedly called Camilla “the Rottweiler” because of her affair with Prince Charles.

Meghan Markle is the newest member of the royal family to receive a unique nickname. Prince Charles reportedly calls his daughter-in-law Tungsten, which is a type of super-metal, because the Duchess of Sussex is tough and unbending.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also have nicknames for each other. Prince William calls his wife poppet, while the Duchess of Cambridge refers to the future King as darling.

Meanwhile, even non-members of the royal family tend to give its members nicknames. Royal aides have called Markle several unflattering nicknames such as “Me-gain,” “Duchess Difficult” and “Hurricane Meghan.”

But most recently, they are referring to Prince Harry’s wife as the “degree wife” because they believe that she will only last three years in the royal family and her marriage to Prince Harry will not last long.