The great debate over what you should be eating for, arguably, the most important meal of the day has been a hot topic of discussion among researchers, health experts and nutritionists for decades.

Some have recommended eating everything, from bulletproof coffee to ice cream – but all in all, healthy fats, protein and fiber seem to consistently win out in the battle for healthiest breakfast.

“You want to aim for a breakfast that combines good carbs and fiber with some protein,” a nutritionist at Clay Health Club and Spa in New York City, Erica Giovinazzo, told Oatmeal, eggs and almond butter were among the items the article recommended to meet her specifications.

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Authority Nutrition also noted that oatmeal and eggs were good breakfast foods, in addition to Greek yogurt (probiotics) and chia seeds (an excellent source of fiber) and nuts (for magnesium).

More recently, Dr. William Cole, a health and nutrition expert, wrote about the importance of eating a very specific kind of food for the health and fitness outlet Mind, Body Green earlier this month. In order to get the boost of energy needed to get you through the day, Cole recommended opting for a healthy, high-fat breakfast. He clarified that if the brain is “made up of 60 percent fat,” it’s important to cater to your brain’s needs.

Thankfully, it seems the recent – and ongoing – preoccupation with avocado could come in handy, here.

“Wild-caught salmon, eggs and avocados are filled with the uber-important fats your body needs to run at full capacity,” Cole wrote. He advised eating a breakfast that included wild-caught lox, avocado two large eggs and a sweet potato – instead of toast – to complete the perfect breakfast fuel.