Hallmark Channel has been bringing the holiday spirit for two months with their "Countdown to Christmas" 24/7 marathon. Now, with Christmas Day here and some extra cheer is needed to honor the festive celebrations, the station is airing a full slate of holiday films.

The network has actually been airing a marathon of all the new 2022 holiday movies since Christmas Eve and will continue to do so on Sunday as well. Find out below which movies are playing today, what time you can watch them and who is starring.

"Noel Next Door"- 8 a.m.

Noel Next Door
Corey Sevier and Natalie Hall star in “Noel Next Door.” Hallmark Media/Petr Maur
  • "A hard-working, single mom gets into a war of words with an irritable neighbor who is ruining Christmas, only to find that this misunderstood Grinch is the man who's stolen her heart."
  • Starring: Natalie Hall, Corey Sevier

"A Magical Christmas Village"- 10 a.m.

A Magical Christmas Village
Maesa Nicholson stars in “A Magical Christmas Village.” Hallmark Media/ Kailey Schwerman
  • "A Christmas Village brings the magic of Christmas to the lives of Summer and her family, healing old wounds and bringing new love to Summer and her family."
  • Starring: Alison Sweeney, Luke Macfarlane, Marlo Thomas, Maesa Nicholson

"Christmas Class Reunion"- 12 p.m.

Christmas Class Reunion
Aimee Teegarden and Tanner Novlan star in “Christmas Class Reunion.” Hallmark Media/Kailey Schwerman
  • "Valedictorian Elle is determined to host a perfect 25-year high school reunion. She's looking forward to seeing her high school crush Kam, but she finds unexpected support in bad boy Devin."
  • Starring: Aimee Teegarden, Tanner Novlan

"A Fabled Holiday"- 2 p.m.

A Fabled Holiday
Brooke D’Orsay and Ryan Paevey star in “A Fabled Holiday.” Hallmark Media/Ricardo Hubbs
  • "Talia and her childhood best friend Anderson unexpectedly reunite in a familiar-looking town full of Christmas spirit that restores its visitors during their times of deep turmoil."
  • Starring: Brooke D'Orsay, Ryan Paevey

"A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe"- 4 p.m.

A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe
Rachel Boston and Victor Webster star in “A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe.” Hallmark Media/Heather Beckstead
  • "Annie faces her first obstacle as CEO of Cooper's Cookies when grandma's secret recipe is stolen. While investigating the theft, she works with local baker Sam to recreate the beloved recipe."
  • Starring: Rachel Boston, Victor Webster

"Three Wise Man and a Baby"- 6 p.m.

Three Wise Men and a Baby
Paul Campbell, Andrew Walker and Tyler Hynes star in “Three Wise Men and a baby.” Hallmark Media/Bettina Strauss
  • "Three brothers get the surprise of their lives when they are forced to work together and care for a baby over the holidays."
  • Starring: Paul Campbell, Tyler Hynes, Andrew Walker and Margaret Colin

"A Maple Valley Christmas"- 8 p.m.

A  Maple Valley Christmas
Peyton List and Andrew Walker star in “A Maple Valley Christmas.” Hallmark Media/Luka Cyprian
  • "Rancher Erica has spent her whole life working the family farm with her mother and sister. When Aaron arrives and disrupts her plans, she starts to question what it is she actually wants."
  • Starring: Peyton List and Andrew Walker

"My Southern Family Christmas"- 10 p.m.

My Southern Family Christmas
Jaicy Elliot and Bruce Campbell star in “My Southern Family Christmas.” Hallmark Media/Alyssa Moran
  • "When invite to cover a Pere Noel Christmas celebration in Louisiana, Campbell, a journalist meets her estranged father and his new family for the first time."
  • Starring: Jaicy Elliot, Ryan Rottman, Moria Kelly, Bruce Campbell