Zoo's and theme parks like SeaWorld worked to insure safety of its animals ahead of Hurricane Irma. SeaWorld is pictured Feb. 24, 2010 in Orlando, Florida. Getty Images

The scornful eye of Hurricane Irma rushed ashore in Florida on Sunday, bringing with it damaging winds and torrential rainfall to the lower Florida Keys. Many residents successfully evacuated from the storm’s path but the Sunshine State’s animals needed assistance moving to safety. Video captured animals relocating during the storm.

Officials asked about 5.6 million residents to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma, while theme parks and zoos also worked diligently to relocate their animals to safety.

SeaWorld took to social media and showed video of their animals unscathed.

"Latest #update from ride out crew at #shamustadium. #hurrricaneirma," they wrote.

Busch Gardens also tweeted out video footage of their animals being relocated.

"SINGLE FILE, EVERYONE! Flamingos being ushered to safety at @BuschGardens, along with other animals Stay safe, everyone! #HurricaneIrma," the tweet read.

Zoo Miami, a Florida-based zoo worked to move their animals to higher ground. Zoo workers relocated Diesel the cheetah from his wet cage and into a secure building nearby.

"We're as ready as we can be," Zoo Miami spokesman Ron Magill told the Chicago Tribune Saturday as they completed the move.

Zoo workers moved five dolphins from the Florida Keys to Central Florida to ensure their safety from Irma’s wrath. Brian Dowling, the general curator at Lion Country Safari in Palm Beach County — a zoo with lions, chimpanzees, rhinos and more mentioned their facility was hurricane-proof and it was safe for most of their animals to remain.

"We live in a hurricane-prone area so our facilities are designed to accommodate these storms," Dowling told the Tribune. "Obviously, everything can't be hurricane-proof."

"We allow those animals to decide where they want to go. It actually reduces the stress level considerably. Their instincts tell them how to ride out the storm."

SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay said Saturday that it will have workers on-site at all hours to oversee the animals. Seaworld took on five adult male dolphins from Dolphin Discovery in Duck Key, where officials said they will remain "until they can be safely returned to their home in the Florida Keys."