Prince Charles will most definitely become king when Queen Elizabeth II dies. But what happens if he passes away before his 92-year-old mom?

If a tragic thing such as this would happen, and given that Her Majesty has already resigned from her post due to her old age or illness, Prince William will take over the throne and become king. The important role of head of the monarchy will not be given to any of Prince Charles’ younger siblings because the rules of succession require that the primary line will go through Prince Charles and his descendants.

If Prince William suddenly dies, his heir is Prince George. But if the Duke of Cambridge’s death will happen while Prince George is still young, Prince Harry will most likely become king because he is his brother’s closest successor in terms of age.

Prince Charles’ death will be followed by a period of mourning for the royal family and royal fans. In addition to his funeral, there will also be a moment of silence to honor the royal. Out of respect for the royal family, no comedy shows in England will air and won’t return until after the mourning period is over.

BBC will most likely be the first network to announce Prince Charles’ passing to the world. His body will also lie in state until his funeral. There are some speculations that his body will lie in state for 12 days just like Queen Elizabeth II's will when she passes away.

Meanwhile, the titles of the heir will also change with Prince Charles’ passing. The 70-year-old is currently known as the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cornwall. The title of Prince of Wales will be passed on to Prince William when he becomes king. However, the title Duke of Cornwall won’t be given to him.

This is because Duke of Cornwall is a title that is reserved to the Queen’s eldest son. If Prince Charles dies and doesn’t become king and Prince William takes over, he still won’t be called Duke of Cornwall.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles' death ahead of Queen Elizabeth II's passing could change the monarchy. Pictured: Prince Charles during a visit to Lambeth Palace to present the Cranmer Awards at the Prayer Book Society's thirtieth annual contest on February 21, 2019 in London, England. Getty Images/Kirsty O'Connor-WPA Pool