Jennifer Garner mentioned Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt after her split from Ben Affleck.

The “Miracles from Heaven” star went through a difficult time when she and Affleck separated. At the time, many people wanted them to reconcile and she recognized the fact that the people around them including friends, supporters and even strangers wanted a simple resolution.

When she was still going through that difficult situation, she admitted that she was reminded of Aniston and Pitt when the A-list couple split.

“When Jen Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up, I was dying to see something that said they were getting back together,” Garner confessed.

However, she understood that things weren’t as easy as how the public perceived their situation. Just like Pitt and Aniston, Affleck and Garner pushed their divorce and remained friends.

Looking back, Garner said that she was lonely following their split. She found herself sitting down at the piano, attending church services and writing “bad poetry all day because I was so sad.”

She admitted that she was looking forward to getting past the pity stage and wanted to have a sense of humor. In 2018, Affleck and Garner’s divorce was finalized. Both have already moved on. At present, Garner is dating John Miller.

Garner and Miller have been dating for over a year already. According to an insider, Garner loves the fact that her beau is not in the entertainment industry. Although they are not often spotted together in public, their relationship is reportedly going strong.

Meanwhile, following Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s split in 2016, Garner was spotted by paparazzi with a female friend grabbing coffee after their workout session. One followed the “Peppermint” star and asked Garner if she was dating Pitt. The “13 Going 30” actress made a hilarious response when she said, “Yeah.” Apparently, they all knew she was just joking.

Meanwhile, Aniston was recently spotted looking stunning in her white jumpsui t. The “Murder Mystery” star was reportedly faking a phone call because her screensaver was visible on her iPhone screen. Many believed that she wanted to avoid being recognized and being asked about Pitt. Just recently, an insider said that there is no bad blood between the exes and they still talk occasionally.