Jinger Duggar honeymoon
Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo open up about their honeymoon plans. TLC

Jinger Duggar is excited to be down under with her new husband Jeremy Vuolo. In a honeymoon update for TLC Monday night, the newlyweds dished about their stop in Sydney, Australia, and their upcoming visit to New Zealand as part of their international, post-wedding getaway.

When asked by Jeremy what she’s most looking forward to about visiting New Zealand, Jinger revealed it was all about the sights and the food. “I think I’m looking forward to see a kangaroo and hopefully touching one, maybe holding one. And also, local coffee, local food,” the notorious coffee-lover admitted. Jeremy agreed with his new wife, saying he is also interested in tasting the local fare the country has to offer.

“It’s a beautiful place and we’re very much enjoying our stay here so far,” Jeremy added of their current stop in Australia.

Jeremy and Jinger first updated fans on their honeymoon on Nov. 10, Jeremy telling viewers they welcomed their support post-nuptials. “Thank you for all of your support and all of your prayers,” Jeremy said. “We appreciate them. They’re much needed as we begin this new journey in life together.”

While the couple only just tied the knot, TLC will release their wedding episode on Tuesday night. The Season 2 “Counting On” episode, aptly titled “Jinger’s Wedding,” will follow the couple as they say their vows in front of 1,000 family and friends. A sneak-peek video of the highly anticipated special shows Jinger walking arm-in-arm with dad Jim Bob Duggar down the aisle and a tearful Jeremy waiting at the altar.

It’s unclear if TLC will follow the newlyweds on their honeymoon or in their new home in Laredo, Texas. Jinger previously revealed that she was planning to relocate to Jeremy’s home state after the wedding and work alongside him in the ministry field. As for children, the couple has been mostly hush-hush about their baby plans, only revealing they’ll look “to the Lord to see what he provides.”