Jana Duggar
Duggar parents gush over their daughter Jana Duggar’s (center right) many talents. TLC

It seems the Duggars know Jana Duggar is a favorite among “Counting On” fans. Despite the excitement surrounding their daughter Jinger Duggar’s upcoming nuptials on TLC, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently took a moment to share an update on their eldest daughter’s life online.

The couple discussed one of the 26-year-old’s favorite hobbies with fans on their official Facebook page. “Our Jana is so talented!” the parents of 19 gushed. The update included a picture of one of Jana’s latest projects: an art piece. “An old fence board, some painted sticks and just a little jute string!” they explained of the item.

The family’s decision to gush about Jana’s talents come just weeks after “Counting On” fans watched her remodel her parents’ guest house. After of her sister Jill Dillard’s return from Central America with her husband Derick and son Israel, she roped in several of her siblings to help her re-do the large guest home from top to bottom. Jana last discussed her remodeling expertise during the “Counting On” after show in October.

While it’s unclear where Jana’s talents will take her in the interior design field, she is already business-oriented. In September, it was revealed that she purchased a former tattoo parlor near her parent’s home in Springdale, Arkansas. It’s unclear what she plans to do with the retail space. The last Jana told fans, she was too busy prepping for her sister Jinger’s wedding to now-husband Jeremy Vuolo to work on the business.

Jana is the eldest of the Duggar girls. Unlike her siblings Jessa Seewald, Jill and Jinger, she is unmarried and has yet to officially, publicly court anyone. There have been several interested suitors, however.

“There have been different guys come along and ask, but they haven’t been the right one,” Jana told TLC’s cameras in March. “It’s just one of those things. I’m not just out to get married to the first one who comes along.”