Keke Palmer
Keke Palmer has started a new dance craze. The actress is pictured attending BET’s “The New Edition Story” premiere screening on Jan. 23, 2017 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

The world has seen its fair share of viral trends come and go, from the Mannequin Challenge to Salt Bae, but could the next big thing be the Keke Palmer Challenge?

On Thursday, the actress told Twitter followers that she inspired a dance challenge. “So I hear the gag is there’s a #kekepalmerchallenge,” the actress tweeted.

The Keke Palmer Challenge consists of fans showing off their best moves and mimicking some of Palmer’s dance routines. The 23-year-old who is very active on social media constantly shares posts of herself but more noticeably of her dancing.

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Whether she is in a parking lot, at a photo shoot, walking on the street or in her bedroom, Palmer is known to burst out into dance doing choreographed routines or freestyles. Fans began to take notice of her talent and her willingness to be bold and dance, despite who is watching.

Fans have now started to post videos of themselves dancing to their favorite songs while adding the hashtag #kekepalmerchallenge, and the actress has noticed.

Although she seems flattered that she potentially inspired a dance craze, the singer took to Instagram to encourage fans to do things that make them happy no matter what other people may think or say.

On Thursday, Palmer, who admitted that her creativity helps her when she is feeling down, shared a post telling fans that it is okay to be unique.

“Never let anyone make you feel like it’s not ‘cool’ to express yourself, the gag is, it’s necessary! we work we live to make money, we are constantly striving for some ‘other’ but the greatest things in life are not things than can be given to you,” she wrote attached to a video of herself dancing.

The singer has been retweeting fans who have participated in the challenge. Those hoping to get the actress’ attention may want to post a video of their own. Don’t forget to add #kekepalmerchallenge.​