After their first brew was deemed too weak by some fans, two friends have gone back to the brewery to cook up something with even more of a kick. 

Banffshire’s Brewmeister Brewery owners Lewis Shand and John McKenzie already claimed a record last year with the Armageddon brew, reports the Daily Record. Armageddon contained a 65 percent alcohol level, and sold a total of 6,000 bottles worldwide. But after fans claimed the recipe wasn't strong enough, the pair bought a new brewery and created an even stronger beverage. It took them nine months to create Snake Venom, which Lewis told the Record is "sharper in taste." 

"With Armageddon, we actually tried to disguise the taste by making it quite oily," he said. “We thought if it was too strong, people wouldn’t like it. But the problem we found is that people said we shouldn’t have tried to cover up the intensity. Some even said they didn’t believe it was 65 percent, so this time we thought we’d go full out. We were too nice last time.” 

But with the increased alcohol content comes increased safety measures to protect drinkers. The neck of the bottle tells buyers not to consume too much of the drink in one sitting. “You’re not supposed to drink more than 35ml in one sitting. It should be poured like it’s whisky.” And at £50 ($81) online for one 275 mL bottle of the beer, you should definitely take your time when consuming the potent beverage.