After getting very little information about what to expect for the upcoming 30th Season of "The Amazing Race," fans can rejoice over one very important revelation—filming is officially about to begin.

Both CBS and show host Phil Keoghan have taken to social media to share their excitement over the show's official start, which will take place on Sunday, Oct. 1, in New York City.

The show posted the announcement to its official Twitter account, announcing that fans could watch the teams racing in the new season as they take off on their official start for a roughly 21-day tour around the world, which will end with one team winning $1 million.

Keoghan also took to Instagram with a similar announcement.


Join me for the start of #amazingrace in #washingtonsquarepark #NYC this Sunday starting at 1230pm

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While the news that the show is kicking off filming again is great for fans, who previously were unaware of what was going on with the show, there are still some things the show is keeping under wraps. The main thing the show seems to be keeping hidden, at least until the starting line, is the cast's identities. Though it isn't unusual for the show to not reveal the names of the various racers until shortly before the season premiere, the last time they called for the public to come down to the starting line, they preemptively announced the cast.

The only team the show has announced is recent "Big Brother" showmance couple Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, confirming that the two would race for the $1 million in the new season. It is unclear if they will reveal the identities of the other cast members after officially sending them on their journeys.

Because Jessica and Cody have not yet appeared on the show previously, and do have a pre-existing relationship, it does seem that the show has decided to go back to its roots when it comes to casting this time around. Of the last five seasons, only two followed a classic casting of teams of two who knew one another beforehand without any particular gimmick.

Season 26 consisted of six teams with pre-existing relationships who were all dating couples, with five additional teams who were set up at the starting line on blind dates. Season 28 saw all teams of social media influencers with pre-existing relationships. Season 29 consisted solely of teams who met for the first time at the starting line.

Jessica and Cody are not the first stars from a different CBS reality series to appear on the show. Alison Irwin competed in season 5 of "The Amazing Race," while Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder competed on season 16. Most notably, Rachel Reilly and Brendan Villegas competed on both seasons 20 and 24 of the show. None of these teams have ever won the final prize however.

Their casting also confirms that the season will not be an "All-stars" or any other returning racers focused season.

CBS has not given "The Amazing Race" Season 30 a premiere date, though it is expected to debut in the Spring.