What will happen to the British royal family should Queen Elizabeth II pass away unexpectedly?

According to The Scotsman, there is a secret conversation concerning the monarch's death. Many are concerned about what will happen to the crown if the inevitable thing happens. "I can't talk about this publicly," an insider said. "We're not thinking about what happens next. It would be improper to do so while the Sovereign is alive."

Meanwhile, Dr. Bob Morris of the Constitutional Unit at University College London confirmed the talks. "The chat has broken surface rather more," he said.

Morris added that the website Privy Council, the grand gathering of advisors to the queen, reportedly posted a detailed account of what it will do when the monarch passes away. In case Queen Elizabeth II, 91, dies, her eldest son, Prince Charles, is expected to take over the throne. This will happen within hours after the queen's death. He has to do it even if he is still grieving.

As the new king, Prince Charles will stand before an emergency gathering, which will include peers, MPs, archbishops and other Privy Councillors to make the Oath of Accession. Everyone will swear to uphold the kingdom and "inviolably preserve and maintain the Settlement of the true Protestant religion."

In 2017, there were rumors that Prince William and Kate Middleton would be the next king and queen. The monarch reportedly favored her grandson and granddaughter-in-law and would skip Prince Charles.

A poll also confirmed that majority of the people in Britain wanted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to take the crown. However, an insider claimed that the queen has no power to determine who will take over after her. The succession deemed Prince Charles as the queen's successor.

Meanwhile, Prince William has no interest in taking over the kingship ahead of his father. Thus, he is willing to take his turn even if this means that he will have a short reign.

"[The Duke of Cambridge has no desire] to take the throne early," said Gill Knappet, author of "Charles, Prince of Wales." "Although, like his father, William will be destined to have a far shorter reign than his grandmother, he has said he has no desire to 'climb the ladder of kingship' before his time."