• Blackpink has been receiving an unfortunate amount of hate over the years
  • Fans accused K-pop YouTubers of fueling the disdain toward Blackpink
  • Some YouTubers mentioned by fans included Sonyeonstan, Taejui and Hyeautiful

Blackpink has been dominating the K-pop industry and the international music scene, becoming one of the biggest pop girl groups of all time. But after years of being under the limelight, it has also been a target of public scrutiny and hate.

Social media users sparked an online discussion about the so-called "hate train" toward the quartet — composed of Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo — analyzing the contributing "factors and consequences" as to why the group has been receiving heaps of negative feedback and criticism since debuting under YG Entertainment in 2016.

One user, however, with the handle @Dl0RSOO on Twitter, blamed K-pop YouTubers for fueling the "active" disdain for Blackpink in their respective channels and forming a "toxic atmosphere" toward the international superstars. The user started a thread of her analysis Thursday, which garnered 311,200 views, 6,209 likes, 1,170 retweets and 72 quotes as of press time.

The user claimed that most of these YouTubers observed the "click-baiting" culture by using provocative and misleading video titles and thumbnails to gain more views and engagement.

Instead of being respectful when giving opinions about Backpink's performances, public image and content of the group, the influencers allegedly create a negative narrative, "exploiting" the curiosity of and biases of their viewers and leading to a hateful environment.

Some have been observed to spread baseless rumors, presenting them as "factual information," fueling more hate toward the group — from "antis" — and negatively impacting its reputation.

The user also accused the YouTubers of being biased, exhibiting an evident disdain and amplifying the negativity. Most of their content is perceived as unfair since they allegedly refuse to also shed light on the positive aspects of the "Pink Venom" hitmakers.

Additionally, the content creators allegedly fuel the fire by comparing Blackpink to other K-pop groups in the industry, causing a war between the fandoms. The user also included screenshots from some online debates, where Blackpink got compared to the likes of BTS and rookie group LE SSERAFIM.

To conclude the thread, the user emphasized that the hate train is fueled by the never-ending cycle of promoting negativity and urging social media users to "actively engage" in sending hate to the group. The user also mentioned some of the YouTubers doing such, including Seonyeonstan, Taejui and Hyeautiful.

After the thread went viral, social media users and Blackpink fans — known as Blinks — praised the user for calling out the YouTubers and speaking up.

"Finally, someone speaks up about this, I am a [multistan], and my faves are [Blackpink]. I just feel like hating on them has become a trend, anyone who feels bored just [joins] the big train, [you] should really make a channel and post sometimes to speak up about this, if [you] ever do tell us!" one user commented on the thread.

Another wrote, "Spilled gold, best friend."

"Thank you so much [for] this thread [because] like these people need to be called out," a third user said.

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