Netflix finally revealed a release date for "Marvel's The Punisher," and fans will not have to wait long to see Jon Bernthal reprise his role as Frank Castle.

"The Punisher" Season 2 premieres Friday, Jan. 18 at 3 a.m. EST on Netflix. All episodes will immediately be available for streaming.

Netflix released a new teaser trailer along with the release date announcement. The footage seems to be from a promo shoot rather than actual scenes from the new episodes. "I'm not the one who dies," Frank says. "I'm the one who does the killing."

"The Punisher" is one of the last Marvel shows on Netflix after last year's cancellation spree. "Iron Fist" was canceled shortly before "Luke Cage" got the axe. Weeks after its Season 3 premiere, "Daredevil," which introduced The Punisher, was also canceled. There are rumors that the series could eventually be revived on Disney+ in a couple years, but for now, it looks like the programs have been put to rest.

The other remaining Marvel drama on Netflix is "Jessica Jones," the sole survivor of the four Defenders TV shows that Netflix originally picked up. The Peabody Award-winning drama is set to return later this year with Season 3.

The Punisher
"Marvel's The Punisher" Season 2 premieres Jan. 18. Jessica Miglio/Netflix