A new baby has joined the “Teen Mom 2” family and another addition is already on the way. Following the arrival of MTV star Jenelle Evans’ third baby on Tuesday, fans of the docuseries are likely wondering when Chelsea Houska will welcome her second bundle of joy. Luckily for those interested, we have her estimated due date.

While Chelsea Houska announced her pregnancy one month before Jenelle in July last year, she was always scheduled to have her baby after her longtime co-star. Jenelle originally told fans baby Ensley was coming on Jan. 28. Chelsea has said since the beginning her first child with husband Cole DeBoer is due to arrive in mid-February, specifically Valentine’s Day on Feb 14.

Chelsea, who shares 7-year-old daughter Aubree with ex Adam Lind, has been keeping fans in the loop on her pregnancy both on “Teen Mom 2” Season 7 and on social media. When the expectant mother of two talked about her pregnancy last week, she revealed she’s planning to breast feed and admitted she is worried she’ll gain weight while doing so.

Chelsea’s fans on Instagram were also treated to a video update. The MTV lead recently shared a video of her baby boy moving inside her stomach. While Chelsea noted the video may be “weird” to some viewers, she said she was “obsessed” with watching her baby boy move. “This dude was going crazy in there last night,” she wrote of the clip.

Things haven’t been all smooth sailing for Chelsea, however. Last month, she admitted to being fearful about giving birth a second time. “...This time, I’ve researched everything and I’m kind of freaking myself out,” she told Us Weekly.

While she may be nervous for the delivery, Chelsea said she and Cole, who wed last fall, are ready for their baby boy. “We have everything, we just need to finish organizing. We’re nesting,” she added.

“Teen Mom 2” fans can follow Chelsea’s pregnancy journey on Season 7 of the series. Last fans saw, Chelsea was preparing Aubree for the arrival of her new sibling.

The program airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.