John (Kyle Chandler, left) and Danny (Ben Mendelsohn, right) have a chat in a scene from "Bloodline" Season 1. Netflix

Plenty of folks head down to Florida this time of year to escape the cold and sneak in a relaxing winter vacation before the New Year, but the cast of "Bloodline" is there to work. The Netflix series is currently filming its second season after announcing some A-list additions to the already superb cast. With many shows wrapping up seasons this month, TV fans looking ahead to the spring may be wondering just how long they will have to wait for new episodes of the Rayburns' story.

Actor Bill Kelly, who plays DEA agent Clay Grunwald in the series, and figures to be a bigger factor into the second season after his investigation of Danny Rayburn (Ben Mendelsohn) with John (Kyle Chandler) in Season 1 got decidedly messy, confirmed to fans on Twitter that production is underway. The series is filming in the Florida Keys locations the show's first run captured so beautifully.

Kelly estimates "mid 2016" for the season's release, which would seem to indicate an at least slightly later premiere date than that of Season 1. (All 13 episodes were released March 11 after the show was announced in October 2014.) The extra time would be understandable as "Bloodline" has had a busy offseason.

According to TVLine, Andrea Riseborough has signed on to join the cast as Evangeline, a wild card, street savvy woman from Miami, where Danny was living before he returned home. Evangeline will turn up in the new episodes looking to tie up some unfinished business she had with the recently murdered troublemaker. The part is a series regular role.

Plus, in August, producers Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler and Daniel Zelman announced that veteran character actor John Leguizamo will play Ozzy Delvecchio, a dangerous gangster from Danny's past who turns up in the Keys to collect on the debts Danny left behind when John drowned him in the ocean.

Then, there's Danny Rayburn himself. In August at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, fans learned that despite the character’s death, Ben Mendelsohn, who earned an Emmy nomination for the role, will stay on the show in Season 2 as a series regular. Between flashbacks and the show’s use of haunting visions, there are many opportunities to keep Danny in the fold.

When will "Bloodline" Season 2 premiere? Fans will have to keep waiting until Netflix announces a date.