John (Kyle Chandler, left) and Danny (Ben Mendelsohn, right) have a chat in a scene from "Bloodline" Season 1. Netflix

As more and more fans finish the premiere season of the spectacular “Bloodline” on Netflix, their attentions will shift to the already-announced Season 2 – set for a spring 2016 return. However, the show’s sophomore run will bring a unique set of challenges considering how the first season wrapped up.

[Major Season 1 spoilers below]

Season 1 of “Bloodline” came to a tragic end when an argument between John (Kyle Chandler) and Danny (Ben Mendelsohn) Rayburn – and years of tension, guilt and lies – reached a fatal breaking point in episode 12 and John drowned his brother in the ocean. The loss of the show’s most charismatic and mysterious character will be difficult to overcome for the writers as they begin work on Season 2. However, the finale managed to introduce enough loose ends and uncovered secrets in the Rayburn family to keep fans hungry for more.

Here are 7 questions we have for “Bloodline” Season 2:

1. Who is Danny’s Son?

The Season 1 finale ended with a pretty massive cliffhanger. While John and his family enjoyed a relaxing dinner outside, John’s son Ben (Brandon Larracuente) noticed someone watching them from the bushes. John confronted the stranger – a young boy – who identified himself as Danny Rayburn’s son.

After an episode that saw John and his siblings doing everything they could to cover up Danny’s murder and remove the family’s black sheep from their lives, the appearance of Danny’s son should shake things up significantly. The boy – who went unnamed – told John he wanted to know about his father and what happened to him. John will obviously not be able to tell the whole truth and it should be interesting to see what kind of picture he paints of his brother and if he will be welcoming to the unexpected visitor.

Then, of course, there will be more than a few questions about where Danny’s son came from and what role, if any, Danny had played in his life. In episode 12, Danny told Wayne Lowry (Glenn Morshower) that he did not believe he was father material. Clearly, there is much more to the story that Season 2 will have to explore.

2. What Role Will Lenny Potts Play?

When Sally Rayburn (Sissy Spacek) hired Lenny Potts (Frank Hoyt Taylor) to find Danny, she had no idea her son would turn up dead just days later. However, a flash forward scene from the finale revealed that Potts continued with his investigation anyway, uncovering some dirt on the surviving Rayburns. Potts told Sally that her children are lying to her. How much does he know? Can he prove the Rayburn siblings had a hand in Danny’s death? Will the news that her children are lying cause a rift between Sally and the kids?

3. Can Marco and Meg Recover?

Things did not end well for the Keys’ most attractive couple. The last time fans saw Marco (Enrique Murciano) and Meg (Linda Cardellini) she was kicking him out of her car after he nearly caught her with her brother’s body in her trunk. Then, Meg accepted the job offer from the New York law firm and seemed to rekindle her relationship with Alec (Steve Pasquale). However, Marco will not be gone from the Rayburns’ life. He is still John’s partner and the man in charge of investigating Danny’s murder. So, the chance for reconciliation will still be there, but if Marco finds out the truth about Danny things could get even worse between him and his former fiancé’s family.

4. Will Lowry Go Down?

The cocaine kingpin caught a lucky break when Danny turned up dead – thus, unable to lead cops to his drug operation – but now the police suspect him of being responsible for the murder. Will Marco and the police be able to take Lowry down for the alleged crime?

Plus, the Rayburn family was responsible for the dealer losing a significant amount of product. Just because Danny is dead does not mean Lowry will not blame the rest of the family for all the trouble. Will he go after the Rayburns?

5. What about Miami?

The supposed reason Danny started the drug operation at the inn was to earn enough money to pay off a dangerous debt from his time in Miami, but fans never found out the identity of his deadly debt holders. A piece of the story was revealed when John went to Miami and found out that the mysterious criminals had torched Danny’s restaurant not long before he returned home. Why did Danny owe money? Will the unidentified lenders come after the rest of the Rayburns? Between that possibility, the police investigation and Lowry, the formerly squeaky clean Rayburns could find themselves dealing with a lot of new enemies.

6. What Was in Danny’s Toast?

After Danny told his family the truth about the drug operation – and called each of them out for being liars – Sally read the toast her son had originally planned to say at the party in episode 1. Viewers never found out what the toast said, but whatever it was had Sally in tears, crying to Meg that Danny hated her for everything that happened with Sarah (Angela Winiewicz). Will fans ever find out what harsh words and plans Danny’s had planned for his family?

7. Will Danny Return?

The biggest question for Season 2 is whether or not viewers will see more of Danny Rayburn and Ben Mendelsohn’s awards-worthy performance. Despite the character’s death, “Bloodline” has shown a penchant for flashbacks and Mendelsohn is reportedly signed on for another season. So, there is still a great chance that Danny will reappear. Here’s hoping!

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