“Captain Marvel” is a hit at the box office, and that means theaters are crowded. However, audiences who would rather watch from the comfort of their couches should not wait for the movie to come to Netflix.

“Captain Marvel” will not be on Netflix. Disney’s deal with the streaming giant ended with its 2018 theatrical releases. That means “Ant-Man and the Wasp” is the last Marvel Cinematic Universe movie that will be on the streaming service.

That doesn’t mean “Captain Marvel” won’t ever be available to stream. The Marvel Studios film will likely be one of the first additions to Disney+, a new streaming service from the Mouse House. Disney+ is expected to launch before the end of the year, but there’s still no exact release date.

Though some will wait for the movie to hit Disney+ eventually or for the home release on DVD, Blu-ray and digital in a few months, it seems like plenty of people are making sure to see the movie in theaters.

“Captain Marvel” topped the box office this weekend with $153 million domestically and $455 million worldwide. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the origin movie now has the sixth-best global opening weekend ever, the second largest worldwide opening weekend for a superhero movie (behind only “Avengers: Infinity War”) and the fifth biggest international opening weekend. IMAX screenings brought in $36.1 million, which is a record for a movie that isn’t a sequel.

The action flick takes audiences back to 1995. Air Force pilot Carol Danvers is living life as an alien warrior on the Kree Starforce. She has incredible abilities but no memory of her life as a human. When a mission lands her on Earth, she looks for answers about her past and begins to question the Kree’s war with the Skrulls.

The movie is Marvel Studios’ first superhero origin movie with a solo female character, but that’s not all audiences are excited about. The movie also connects to next month’s highly-anticipated “Avengers: Endgame.”

Captain Marvel Netflix
"Captain Marvel" will not be on Netflix. Marvel Studios