UPDATE: March 13, 11 p.m. EDT -- Disney+ announced that "Frozen 2" will start streaming early. They will release the sequel on Sunday, March 15.

Original story: “Frozen 2” just hit theaters, but people are already wondering when they’ll be able to stream the Disney sequel. After all, many started using Disney+, the new streaming service, this month in order to watch their favorite princess movies. Unfortunately, there will still be a wait.

“Frozen 2” will have about a seven-month delay before releasing Disney+, meaning it’ll probably start streaming in June. Don't expect it to show up on any other streaming services before that. New Disney movies are not expected to go to Netflix anymore, making them exclusive to Disney+.

The Mouse House still wants people to head to the theaters and buy Blu-rays and digital copies, so they won’t expedite the streaming releases on their own service. According to the Hollywood Reporter, customers should expect most titles to have about a seven-month waiting period between theatrical releases and streaming debuts.

Luckily, Disney+ still has a few different offerings for fans who can’t wait to go back to Arendelle. The original “Frozen” from 2013 is available to stream, and the extras include deleted scenes and an “As Told By Emoji” short.

“Olaf’s Frozen Adventure,” a 22-minute Christmas special, is also on Disney+ with an “As Told By Emoji” short in the extras.

Finally, there is “LEGO Disney Frozen: Northern Lights,” which includes four shorts about Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf discovering why the Northern Lights have gone missing. The characters are animated to look like LEGO pieces.

Though some will wait for “Frozen 2” to arrive on Disney+, many are expected to head to the theater this weekend. The movie is tracking to open to around $100 million at the North American box office in the first weekend. According to Deadline, the movie is predicted to make anywhere from $90 to $130 million. The worldwide box office is estimated to break records this weekend, with $242 million expected to come in.

When will Frozen 2 be on Disney Plus
"Frozen 2" will not be on Disney+ until well into 2020. Disney