Ugly Christmas Sweater
A woman shows off an ugly Christmas sweater at a secondhand consignment shop in Purcellville, Virginia, on Dec. 23, 2014. PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

One of the best holiday traditions has finally arrived to help kick off the Christmas season—ugly Christmas sweaters!

The tradition of these Sweaters, which have since spawned their own National Holiday, started back in the 80s, but resurged anew in the early 2000s when the statement was revived by "a couple of Canadian blokes", according to The Tipsy Elves. Their popularity is also allegedly due to their nature of allowing partygoers to "let loose and forget about keeping up appearances."

The themes of these sweaters vary every year, though there's never really doubting just how "ugly" they can actually be. Thankfully, with their popularity, they've also become much easier to get a hold of—and there are ones that everyone can enjoy, no matter what their price range.


The giant online retailer has several options that can purchased in honor of ugly Christmas sweaters. From more traditional options for men featuring tinsel ($59.99), ones that dive into the political landscape with commentary on President Donald Trump ($19.99), or even culturally relevant unisex ones featuring a Dabbing Santa Claus ($29.99), there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Forever 21

The retailer has several options for men and women. Ladies who want to make it clear that they're available at an Ugly Sweater party, look no further than this "Single And Ready To Jingle" Sweater for $24.90, or take things up a notch with this Christmas Tree jacket ($34.90). Men don't have to feel left out of the fun though, as they can surely catch some attention with a sweater featuring an adorable panda bear ($27.90), or go all out with an entire Christmas themed suit ($98.00)


Besties can have double the fun thanks to a two-person "Naughty or Nice" sweater. This $39.00 oversized garment will easily make any pair the talk of the party.


Men who may have grown up torn between celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah no longer have to feel that way if they choose this Ugly Cardigan from Route 66. On one side, they're decked out in all of their ugly Christmas glory. On the other? They're all aglow with their Hanukkah spirit as well. The sweater retails for only $19.99, making it a bargain any man is sure to love.


The whole family can get in on the action with the sweaters being offered at Kohl's. Dad can have some fun with a Light-Up sweater that normally retails for $70.00, but can be on sale for as low as $39.99. Mom can have some fun too with a beaded tunic, currently on sale for $29.99. As for the kids, girls can also have fun with their cute (but still appropriately ugly) sweaters, like the It's Our Time Red Kitty sweater for $19.99, while boys can try to be the more stylish one of the group, with more traditional and fashionable options like the OshKosh B'gosh Knit Shawl Collar Pullover Sweater for $21.00.


Women eager to show off their sassy side can with a hilarious #byeFelicia Christmas sweater from Macys', which retails for $45.99. Juniors can also have some fun with their ugly Christmas Sweater as well, with a $39.99 option that parodies Drake's "Hotline Bling."


For those who enjoy luxury, but don't want to spend too much on their sweater, Nordstrom has a fantastic option with a well-priced Snowman Wreath Sweater. The garment not onyl features a plush snowman, but a wreath made out of tinsel garland, which allows it to have the appropriate amounts of tackiness that are perfect for an ugly sweater party.

If being one-of-a-kind is ultra important to you, then this sweater from Ragstock, which is a vintage piece, is the perfect one for you. The unisex sweater with a remarkably classic ugly design is literally the only one in stock, meaning only one person can be lucky enough to wear it. It will come at a price though for whoever wants to buy it, as it's listed at $125.00.


Spencer's has a wide number of options for the person seeking to really stir the pot when it comes to what message their ugly sweater is sending. From ones featuring angsty greetings (complete with swear words), to ones delighting in how much alcohol will be served over the holidays, there's a sweater available for everyone who wants to express some attitude.


Target may in fact be the place to go for ugly sweaters this year, with several great options. Women can announce both their love for dogs (and disdain for the holidays if they have it with a "Bah Humpug" sweater, or enjoy a good Christmas food pun with an "Oh Snap" sweater. Both men and women can embrace the ugly with a light up sweater, while Men can embrace a festive vest that is remarkably cheap. In addition, "Stranger Things" fans can also have some fun with a sweater devoted to the popular Netflix show.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has the perfect sweaters for sports fans, with ugly sweaters featuring the New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. In addition, Disney fans can show their love for Mickey Mouse, while grown up 90s kids can express their love for the cartoon "Rugrats."


Walmart has a hilarious pun sweater featuring a reindeer that is already on clearance, and could sell for as low as $3.00. However, they also have a great sweater for Jewish women who want to join in on the ugly sweater fun—with a "Baby Light My Menorah" LED lit one for $29.99.