Dave Hester may no longer star on A&E’s hit reality series “Storage Wars,” but he is still doing what he does best: turning storage unit finds into profit. Since leaving the program in 2012, Hester has remained off of our televisions (except for the occasional rerun) but still in the spotlight, operating multiple social media accounts, running his own auctioneering business and even selling signature merchandise. Here are four things Dave Hester has done for work since leaving the show:

1. He auctions events. He may not be buying and selling self-storage unit discoveries in front of television viewers, but he is still in the field of auctioneering. Following his 25 years of experience, Hester is now available for hire to host private events for everything from self-storage to estate and charity auctions. “Dave Hester has been operating in the world of storage auctions for decades, and there is no one more experienced to help you get the most from your sale, and to help you do it the right way.” A price for Hester’s services isn’t disclosed on his professional website. His public auctioneering schedule does not disclose any upcoming events.

2. He sells signature merchandise. Dave Hester infamous “Storage Wars” catchphrase “YUUUP!” has now become a source of revenue for the former reality star. Everything from baseball hats, to sweatshirts, and t-shirts in every size, all in black, are available for sale all ranging in price from $9.99 to $29.99 each. One of Hester’s most notable products available—a signature “YUUUP!” button so fans can listen to his catchphrase continuously at their leisure.

3. He runs social media accounts. While it is unclear if Hester receives a profit from running his two social media accounts, one on Facebook and another on Twitter, he does seems to treat it as a job. While Hester remains noticeably absent on his Facebook fan page, which has garnered over 46,000 likes, he is widely active on his Twitter account in which he refers to himself as a “Professional Celebrity & Auctioneer” in his biography. His favorite thing to tweet about to his 82,478 fans—his opinions on A&E's “Storage Wars” spin-offs.

4. He sells products on Ebay. His online shop is currently empty but Hester has used his official Ebay store, “Official Dave Hester Store YUUUP,” to list his products in the past. According to his official Facebook page, Hester has utilized the online auction site to allow fans to bid on everything from collectible trading cards, to Nintendo gaming systems, sporting equipment and vintage finds such as cameras and stereo equipment.