ivanka trump house
Protestors rally during the Queer Dance Party for Climate Change outside the home of Assistant to the President Ivanka Trump in Washington, D.C., April 1, 2017. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump recently moved to Washington D.C. with her husband, Trump’s senior adviser Jared Kushner, and three children. Over the weekend, the Kushners’ neighborhood saw a dance party.

According to reports, a number of LGBT activists gathered outside their home in Kalorama after marching through the streets of Washington D.C.

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Referring to themselves as the Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice, the protesters took to loud music and chants to urge the president to reconsider his decision to roll back environmental regulations and cut funding for the Environmental Protection Agency.

“We are out here to say send a message to protect Mother Earth,” Firas Nasr, an organizer of the party, told WUSA9. “His policies have in general worked to desecrate the environment movement.”

The protesters also raised concerns about the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, who will be voted upon Monday, and what his stand would be on issues of the environment and the LGBT community.

“We’re out here protesting the administration and the choices they are making,” Nasr told the network. “Obviously, they chose him. Obviously, the Republican Party stopped other candidates in the past. So, we’re here to protest that.”

As the protesters chanted slogans like “C’mon, Ivanka, let’s get natural” and “Stop funding fossils,” it is not known whether Ivanka Trump or her family was at home at the time of the protest.

Ivanka Trump, who is now officially employed at the White House as an assistant to the President, moved to Washington D.C. from New York City after her father took office and picked her husband as his senior advisor. Ivanka’s appointment has raised concerns about Trump’s alleged nepotism for many critics.

The couple’s three children – Arabella, Joseph and Theodore – seem to be enjoying the city and their mother took them out for a trip to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo to make “some new friends in DC!”