A bar in Charlotte, North Carolina has taken to pairing craft beers with the popular cookies. Pictured: A cookie constructed in the shape of the Girl Scout logo. Reuters

2017 has become the year of creative marketing for Girl Scout Cookies. There were the Girl Scout Cookie doughnuts that released once again in a New Jersey Bakery, Girl Scout Cookie cereals and, recently, the treats were made available to purchase online.

Now, the popular cookies are taking a more adult spin and were being offered at a bar in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Brass Tap, a franchise that has a location in Charlotte’s South End district, has been pairing its craft beer selections with Girl Scout cookies, the Charlotte Observer reported Tuesday.

Brass Tap Craft Beer Bar experts have been hard at work pairing off cookie flavors and beer offerings to ply its guests.

Matthew Stock, a Brass Tap beer expert, told the Orlando Sentinel that those looking to create their own “beer-cookie flight” could opt for similar flavors between the cookies and the beer. Or, they could pair flavors that complemented each other.

“There are very few wrong ways to drink beer and probably very few wrong ways to eat cookies and desserts,” Stock told the Orlando Sentinel.

For Thin Mints, the notoriously chocolaty and overwhelming minty flavor, Stock suggested pairing it with a similar beer flavor profile like a chocolate stout. He specifically cited a coffee porter – the Cigar City Brewing’s Jose Marti – or a porter from Founders Brewing.

For the famous Samosa cookie, Jaimal Patel of the Brass Tap location in Charlotte suggested pairing the cookie’s signature caramel and coconut flavors with something like Olde Mecklenburg Brewery’s Hornet’s Nest, a Hefeweizen style beer.

Patel also suggested an oatmeal stout to pair with the peanut butter-chocolate cookie, Tagalongs. The Sweet Memories from Three Spirits Brewery was one potential pairing. The Do-Si-Do oatmeal cookies could also go well with an oatmeal stout beer.