If you've been shopping for a Nintendo Switch, head to Amazon now. The online retailer currently has a limited number of Nintendo Switch consoles with grey Joy-Con controllers in stock right now.

For cost-conscious buyers, this inventory also isn't coming from third-party sellers. These Switch consoles are sold directly from Amazon, so they'll have no markup and subscribers to Amazon Prime can also get free shipping.

Buyers who get a new Switch now will also benefit from updates from Nintendo's end. The console had reported issues with signal dropouts from its left Joy-Con controller, but Nintendo has since fixed the issue on future Switch consoles. The Switch also has several flagship game releases set for later this year, including its multiplayer third-person shooter Splatoon 2.

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The Nintendo Switch was released March 3 to good reviews and high demand. Stock for the Nintendo Switch has been extremely limited but Nintendo recently announced it was doubling production thanks positive sales figures. Amazon is also among several retailers who've gotten additional inventory recently. On Twitter, Gamestop confirmed that they had received more Switch units earlier this month.

The Nintendo Switch price starts $299.99.