Four years ago, McKayla Maroney delighted apathetic Americans when she stood on an Olympic podium wearing a silver medal and looked completely unimpressed. Maroney, who also won a gold medal four years ago, isn’t competing this year as an American gymnast. So, where is she?

After Maroney left the bright lights of the London Olympics, she won several other competitions on the international stage but was bogged down by repeated injury over the last four years. In total, she won 11 gold medals and a silver medal after the 2012 Olympics — at World Championships competitions, City of Jesolo Trophy gymnastics competitions and at U.S. National Championships.

But, while she isn’t competing in Rio, she is adamant that, at 20, she’s not retiring.

“I don’t want anybody to ever think that McKayla is retiring. I don’t even want people to use that word,” she said in an October interview published earlier this year. “The only difference is I’m not competing anymore.”

Among her many injuries, which started before the London competitions, were a concussion from a floor exercise in 2012, a broken right big toe and a fractured shin. The toe injury, Maroney told NBC sports this year, was so bad that it qualified as a broken foot. She was told she wouldn’t likely wear heels again, much less compete in gymnastics.

Instead, Maroney is working on an acting and music career. She frequently posts about the latter on her social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram. She is a singer and also plays multiple instruments, her agent confirmed to NBC this year.

For this year’s Olympics, she is slated to spend some time in New York City on Good Morning America. Videos show her spending some time on the show’s “Wake Up Call” segment. Her Twitter account says she’ll be on the show through Aug. 12.