One of the most talked-about topics on Twitter Monday was the alleged fight between Jay Z and his wife’s sister Solange Knowles, and now it seems Beyoncé has responded to the altercation. TMZ released an audio-free, black and white video of the two’s scuffle inside the elevator at the Standard Hotel in New York City after the Met Gala on May 5, and a few days later the hip hop queen took to her social media account, seemingly shedding some light on the scuffle.

Not surprisingly, officials for Queen Bey, Jay and Solange have not responded to the scuffle, where it looks like Solange yells at her brother-in-law and tries to land a few stiletto-pointed kicks. Though Beyoncé might not have directly replied to the altercation, she did post a telling screenshot to her IG account titled “My Prayer to God.”

“Lord, I lift up every one of my relationships to You and ask You to bless them. I pray that each one would be glorifying to You. Help me to choose my friends wisely I won’t be led astray,” the prayer reads. “Give me discernment and strength to separate myself from anyone who is not a good influence. I release all my relationships to You and pray that Your will be done in each of them.”

The singer has more than 12 million followers, so it appears she was trying to make a concrete statement even if she didn't directly say why she posted the prayer. The screenshot garnered more than 325,000 likes and attracted hundreds of comments.

Fishwrapper surmised the IG message was Bey’s way of purging the negativity from her life after the vicious elevator frenzy. The post is about choosing friends wisely, and maybe the “Drunk In Love” singer is wondering if her little sister is toxic. While Solange tried to attack her brother-in-law, Jay Z defensively tried to block her blows and Beyoncé remained stoic in the corner.

Some have wondered if the feud was a result of Jay Z’s alleged infidelities. Though in public they look like a happy couple, the hip hop power couple have been battling rumors that their relationship isn’t as solid behind closed doors as it appears in public.

Many Twitter users wondered where “Sasha Fierce,” Beyoncé’s sassy alter ego, was during the fight, after the 32-year-old remained demure as her little sister attacked her husband. Since the singer seemed like she tried to stay out of the altercation, there were a few fans who were confused by the Grammy-winner remaining in the shadows while Solange tried to take some cheap kicks at the father of her daughter.

It seemingly started with a Vine by "Da Kid Gowie," where the user assumes what Jay Z said to his wife in the elevator during the fight. Check it out below:

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