St Mary's Hospital in London St Mary's Hospital in London is where the Duchess of Cambridge will deliver her baby this month. Photo: Reuters

St Mary's Hospital in London Outside of the Lindo wing at St Mary's Hospital in London where the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, will deliver this month. Photo: Reuters

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been noticeably silent on details surrounding their child’s imminent birth, but news of where the expectant mother is going to deliver is now public knowledge.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, the Lindo wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London is the facility where Britain’s newest royal will enter the world. While close to the couple's Buckingham Palace home, the choice also holds sentimental value: The late Princess Diana birthed both Prince William in 1982, followed by his brother, Prince Harry in 1984, at the exact same facility.

While the suite has all the regular accommodations expectant mothers receive at St. Mary's, Kate Middleton’s reserved quarters are reportedly much more lavish. Not only will the Duchess be treated to a private room, but other amenities, including a wine list, Champagne toasts, satellite TV, Internet access, a refrigerator and a daily newspaper delivery, are also provided. Unlike most laboring mothers, Middleton won’t be fed traditional hospital fare as a dedicated kitchen staff will be on call to fulfill any and all of her requests. The services, however, come at a price of a reported 10,000 euros per day (an estimated $12,870 USD).

The West London hospital isn’t known just for its luxurious services, it is also renowned for its “modern, consultant-led world-class care.” In the case of an emergency following the delivery of the prince or princess, various medical professionals including 24-hour neonatal care, will be on hand.

Not only is the birthing location sentimental for the royal family, Middleton’s choice of doctors is also traditional. The Daily Mail reported Friday that the queen’s surgeon-gynecologist, Dr. Marcus Setchell, and the surgeon-gynecologist to the royal family, Dr. Alan Furthing, are both on call for the delivery. Setchell last made headlines after treating Middleton for morning sickness when she announced her pregnancy in December.