Team Ocean Rescue TAR
Brittany and Lucas (pictured behind Henry and Evan) have been performing well but seem the most likely to be eliminated because of their penchant for other crucial mistakes earlier in "The Amazing Race." CBS

Things have officially reached a point where the competition is fierce on "The Amazing Race," with the remaining teams realizing that their room for error has diminished greatly, as the final leg quickly approaches. Following a surprise partner swap and a shock second double U-Turn in a row, teams now seem ready to do whatever it takes to ensure they still have a place in the competition.

Spoiler Alert: The ending of Season 30, episode 6, "All Is Fair In Love And War," is discussed below.

After a partner swap upon arrival in Zimbabwe that didn't necessarily pan out well for some teams, the race continued on into the country's main city of Harare, where teams quickly encountered a second Double U-Turn in a row. Still, despite Cody and Jessica and Henry and Evan being the ones forced to perform two Detour tasks, Firefighter brothers Eric and Daniel Guiffreda were the ones who saw their race cut short, after they became the last ones to successfully complete their Roadblock.

Now, with two teams still in the competition alongside the very teams who tried to knock them out, things are only set to grow more intense as the final legs approach. The final five are perhaps the hardest to predict when it comes to where they'll fall, as each one of the remaining teams has received if not one, but two first place finishes. Still, one will need to be eliminated in the next leg. Here are the likelihoods of each team being eliminated.

Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly (#TeamIndyCar)

Team Indy Car TAR
Alex and Conor are one of the strongest remaining teams in the "Amazing Race," and likely won't be eliminated just yet. CBS

The Indy Racers have proven to be a strong and competitive team throughout the race, and that doesn't seem likely to change any time soon. Though they likely won't have friends in Henry and Evan after their attempt to U-Turn them, it seems unlikely that they will suddenly be eliminated. Among the remaining teams, they are one of the few who have more than one first place finish (one during the Partner Swap), which only makes them seem even stronger. They should be safe in this leg.

Kristi Leskinen and Jen Hudak (#TeamExtreme)

Team Extreme
Team Extreme is perhaps the strongest team on Season 30 of the "Amazing Race," and won't only avoid elimination in the nest leg but will make it to the finale. CBS

It would seem unlikely at this point that Kristi and Jen won't make it to the finale—and maybe even win the entire thing. They have always finished in the top three, with their only finish outside of that being during the Partner Swap. They quickly rebounded and found themselves once again claiming a top spot at the end of the leg. They are guaranteed to be safe in the next leg.

Brittany Austin and Lucas Bocanegra (#TeamOceanRescue)

After a rough start earlier in the season, Lucas and Brittany have proven to be stronger competitors, and actually now technically have the most first-place finishes, if their Partner Swap finish is counted in their total. However, they have been known to make mistakes before, and could become targets after U-Turning Cody and Jessica. Unless they run a perfectly smooth leg, their elimination seems like a likely possibility.

Henry Zhang and Evan Lynyak (#TeamYale)

Team Yale TAR
Team Yale's smarts will continue to carry them through "The Amazing Race," keeping them safe from elimination. CBS

Though they haven't quite climbed back up to the top of the competition, Henry and Evan have managed to prove that it will take a lot to actually knock them out of the competition. They have overcome every challenge, including the U-Turn, that has been thrown their way, and they are still one of the smartest teams, meaning they likely will now how to keep playing the game. They should be safe in the next leg.

Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf (#TeamBigBrother)

Team Big Brother TAR
Cody and Jessica seem likely to be eliminated due to their current streak of near last-place finishes, but may find a way to still stay in the "Amazing Race" competition. CBS

Though history seems against them, with their finishing in the second to last place (or technically last) the last three legs in a row, Team Jody seems to be hanging on. Not only are they able to compete, they also truly understand how to play a reality television competition game better than anyone else, since they've been there before, Though they could potentially be eliminated if they don't start performing better, it seems unlikely that it will happen soon.

"The Amazing Race" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.