Another season of “The Amazing Race” is about to come to an end, and nearly two years after they finished filming, the winners of Season 32 will be able to finally acknowledge their win. The question on many fans’ minds of course, is which team will be successful.

After waiting a year and a half to see the new season, fans were less than thrilled when the final three teams were all revealed to be members of the original Mine Five alliance that dominated the season, and that the three teams in the final leg had all ganged up on their fellow teams to get them out of the competition in the end. However, they proved to be successful, and the time is finally here for only one to cross the finish line in New Orleans first—and win the $1 Million prize. The only question left is—which one will it be?

Here’s our prediction on how the final leg should shake out.

Chee Lee & Hung Nguyen: 3rd Place

Amazing Race 32 Hung and Chee
Hung Nguyen and Chee Lee are pictured competing on the season 32 finale of “The Amazing Race.” Sam Lothridge/CBS

While the married parents started the race off strong and have a strong enough bond to work well together, strategically, they appear to be the weakest team in the remaining three. Their finishes have not been as impressive in the last few legs, seeing them arrive at the pit stop behind both of the others. Overall, they have the worst average between the teams, and with some who have a much steadier performance still in it, they seem likely to be last to cross the finish line.

Riley & Maddison McKibben: 2nd Place

Amazing Race Season 32 Riley and Maddison
Riley and Maddison McKibben are pictured competing on the Season 32 finale of “The Amazing Race.” Sam Lothridge/CBS

Though the Beard Bros as they’ve been affectionally called throughout the race seem like the most likely team to win, with the best overall performance throughout and a recent string of first-place finishes—the race is known for its unpredictability. As strong competitors who have managed to succeed with any task that was handed to them, it could be a very close finish, but there is another team still in the race that may be less popular or successful at times—but hasn’t been above finding ways to sneak past the others and pull off an unexpected finish.

James Wallington and Will Jardell: WINNERS

Amazing Race 32 Will and James
James Wallington and Will Jardell are pictured competing on the season 32 finale of “The Amazing Race.” Sam Lothridge/CBS

While the Boyfriends are certainly more uneven in terms of their finishes throughout the competition than Riley and Maddison have been, they are also admitted superfans who aren’t afraid to do whatever they can to get ahead. They are the only team that used the legal gameplay moves of the Yield and U-Turn to actively put another team at risk for elimination (Riley and Maddison also used the moves but burned the U-Turn on D’Angelo and Gary in order to protect the rest of their alliance). While they don’t have those options in the final leg, and they are known for buckling under pressure in a way the other teams haven’t, it shows that they have a fighting spirit that could prove to work in their favor this time.

In addition, an off-handed comment by the two in the final moments of the penultimate episode is one that could be innocent, but also be a clue about their status as they finished. The two shared that if they won, it would be a sign they could get married and take a new step in their relationship. Since finishing the race in 2018, they announced their engagement in January 2019 and had planned to marry in October of this year. The nuptials were then delayed because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Season 32 finale of “The Amazing Race” airs Dec. 16 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.