“Amazing Race” fans waited a long time for Season 32 to finally air after multiple delays that pushed it back nearly two years from when it filmed and when Season 31 was seen. Unfortunately, those same fans are now expressing disappointment over how things played out with a major alliance between teams playing out over the course of the season and virtually determining the winners early on.

After the 11th episode, which saw the final four teams—Chee Lee and Hung Nguyen, James Wallington and Will Jardell, Maddison and Riley McKibben and DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge—head to Manila in The Philippines for a leg containing no Road Blocks or Detours and that was a literal sprint through the city, fans became furious when the smaller alliance between three of the teams, who were part of an original “Mine Five” banded together to get rid of the former NFL stars. The other teams worked together on a final memory challenge, and after the “Beard Bros” got the answer, they wound up just giving it to the Backpacking Boyfriends and married parents. After realizing how their former alliance betrayed them, DeAngelo and Gary took a two-hour penalty since they knew they weren’t going to be able to make up the difference and wound up being eliminated.

Now, fans are speaking up about the fact that the Mine Five alliance went on as long as it did—and how it transpired in the final legs to see three of the other teams seemingly gang up on others the way they did, and they aren’t happy with what they saw.

"Even Phil sounds like he’s had enough of this alliance [expletive]. If they ever do another another all stars season, I don’t want to see the 5 team alliance. They’re pathetic. #theamazingrace #amazingrace," another fan added.

Fans were particularly unhappy about the fact that the teams that made it to the final leg were the ones that did, especially the Backpacking Boyfriends, who many didn’t seem to like throughout the season.

"The boyfriends acted like spoiled brats the entire game [expletive] about things not being 'fair' while essentially cheating," another wrote.

However, whether fans like the alliance or not, it did work and one of the three teams will be declared the winners after they finish racing through New Orleans. As for which of the final three teams will win—it could be anyone’s race. All three of the ones in the finals have generally placed in the top four each leg and won more than one leg, meaning they are all strong enough to beat each other. In terms of the best performance, Riley and Maddison could be the team to beat, but a hint could also point towards Will and James being successful as well.

In the final moments of the episode, the couple stated that winning the race would prove they were ready to take the next step in their relationship, get engaged and then start to plan a wedding. Since the race ended the two announced their engagement on social media, though their wedding plans were delayed by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“The Amazing Race” air Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. EST on CBS.

Amazing Race 32
“The Amazing Race” Season 32 teams receive instructions during the Penultimate leg.  Screen Grab/CBS