Morfydd Clark is going from one fantasy world to another as the “His Dark Materials” actress has been cast in a lead role for Amazon’s upcoming “The Lord of the Rings” series.

According to Variety, initial reports suggest that the Welsh actress could be playing a young Galadriel, who was previously played by Cate Blanchett in the original films. This would be one of the first major characters making the jump from film to TV, based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s books. Clark would be joining cast members Joseph Mawle, Maxim Baldry and Markella Kavenagh. Previously, Will Poulter was cast as one of the leads but later dropped out of the series due to scheduling conflicts.

In the books and films, Galadriel was a royal Elf from two different clans of elves. She possessed the ability to communicate telepathically and take on a luminous and frightening appearance. Blanchett reprised her role as the High Elf in the first of “The Hobbit” films, which took place sixty years before the events of the original trilogy.

Clark is currently in HBO’s fantasy series “His Dark Materials” as Sister Clara, but she also has some upcoming projects coming up to keep her busy in 2020. Her next TV appearance would be on the Netflix miniseries “Dracula” playing Mina Harker. The young actress would appear in a few films as well, including “The Personal History of David Copperfield” opposite Dev Patel, the horror film “Saint Maud,” and the romantic drama “Eternal Beauty.”

The “Lord of the Rings” series is set to explore the world of Middle-Earth before the original trilogy by going into the history of the Second Age. Amazon has already picked up the show for two seasons, with the first one currently underway in New Zealand. The series would be the most expensive series ever made due to its high cost of $1.3 billion.

Lord of the Rings
The villain of "The Lord of the Rings" has been cast. Lord of the Rings/Facebook