Those wanting to avoid bad drivers should stay clear of Florida, according to research from SmartAsset, a financial tech company that uses data to give advice on big financial decisions. Florida earned the title as the state with the worst drivers for the second year in a row. 

SmartAsset looked into four different factors to determine the states with the worst drivers. Factors used to determine these findings included the percentage of drivers with car insurance, DUI rates, the number of people killed in auto accidents and the frequency "parking tickets" is searched on Google. 

Florida had a higher death rate from car accidents in 2015, according to SmartAsset's findings. Florida residents also searched "speeding ticket" or "traffic ticket" at the ninth highest rate country-wide. However, the state's DUI rates were low, which worked in its favor. Researchers discovered Florida was among the lower earners in DUI-related arrests as it ranked 45th in the nation. In Florida and other states nationwide, there proved to be no connection between DUI arrests and car accident fatalities. 

The study also claimed that Floridian drivers "seem prone to ignoring the rules of the road."

SmartAsset used the four determining factors to find each state's average score. The average score was then used to rank all states accordingly. States with the best averaging score earned 100, whereas states with the worst averaging score earned a 0. The study, however, elaborated on its top ten worst driving states.

SmartAsset's data found that bad driving tends to be common among Southern states.

"Eight of our top 10 states with the worst drivers are in the South," SmartAsset wrote. "These states tend to have higher numbers of people killed per 100 million vehicle miles driven, as well as having lower rates of drivers who are insured." 

Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee and Texas helped to round out the top ten. Nevada and California were the two non-Southern states that secured a spot on this year's list. Nevada earned seventh worst because its residents reportedly searched "traffic tickets" on Google more than any other state, whereas Californians have acquired 5.5 DUI arrests for every 1,000 drivers. 

SmartAsset found that the best drivers in the country reside in New England states. Four of the six New England states landed towards the bottom of the list. Those states include Maine (47), New Hampshire (48), Vermont (49) and Massachusetts (50). Two New England states missing from the bottom of the list are Rhode Island and Connecticut. However, the pair still acquired spots near the list's end. 

There were changes that didn't appear in last year's study. SmartAsset claimed that Florida and Mississippi were repeat offenders this year as the secured spots within the top five for the second consecutive year. However, newcomers to this year's list included California, Louisiana and Georgia.

Washington, D.C., is not considered a state; therefore, D.C. drivers were not included in SmartAsset's study.

Here is the full list of worst driving states in the U.S.:

  1. Florida
  2. Mississippi
  3. Louisiana
  4. Tennessee
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Texas
  7. Nevada
  8. California
  9. Alabama
  10. Georgia
  11. Missouri
  12. Arizona
  13. North Carolina
  14. Kentucky
  15. Michigan
  16. Colorado
  17. New Mexico
  18. South Dakota
  19. North Dakota
  20. South Carolina 
  21. Washington
  22. Ohio
  23. Montana
  24. Arkansas
  25. Virginia
  26. Wyoming
  27. Indiana
  28. Alaska
  29. Maryland
  30. Wisconsin
  31. Pennsylvania
  32. New York
  33. Minnesota
  34. Oregon
  35. Illinois
  36. New Jersey
  37. West Virginia
  38. Hawaii
  39. Idaho
  40. Kansas
  41. Delaware
  42. Nebraska
  43. Iowa
  44. Rhode Island
  45. Connecticut
  46. Utah
  47. Maine
  48. New Hampshire
  49. Vermont
  50. Massachusetts