Representational image of a pistol. LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/Getty Images

A man claimed he was allegedly shot by another driver at a Missouri White Castle drive-thru for honking his horn while waiting on line. The 51-year-old St. Louis man spoke to Fox News on Tuesday and gave details about the incident.

“I ordered a couple double cheeseburgers, your usual combo meal, and was just going to head home and have dinner with my girlfriend and it just became a little more eventful than I expected,” the man said, adding that he honked his horn because the car in front of him was taking a long time at the window.

The victim, who wanted to remain anonymous because the shooter was yet not arrested, said: “I think I was sitting there for about 10 to 15 minutes, and with no one else in line I thought that was a little unreasonable... it almost appeared that he was having some sort of dispute with the restaurant or someone in the restaurant.”

The man said because there were only two cars in the drive-thru line, which “made it all the more frustrating that it was taking so long,” adding, “That’s why I honked in the first place.”

The incident took place Thursday night at a White Castle on Gravois Avenue in south St. Louis, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department told Fox News.

According to the victim, after he honked, the other driver at the drive-thru jumped out of his car and started yelling. The other man then got back inside the car and pulled over “to the side of the parking lot as if he was waiting for a large order.”

The 51-year-old man said he picked up his food and started to drive away, and “it wasn’t until I pulled out to one of the main streets and headed home that I realized he had other intentions.” The other driver followed the victim and soon fired at him.

“I heard the bullet come through the door,” the victim said. "And then I got home and I was still kind of in shock and had difficulty believing what happened.”

The man said he didn’t feel anything right away but after reaching home he realized the bullet had grazed his leg.

“I noticed at that point also that my windshield had been shattered which could have been possibly a second shot or something that was thrown at the vehicle. And then I saw a hole in the door and saw my jeans that I was wearing had a hole ripped in them where I was grazed,” he said. “I suffered about a two-inch scratch in the back of my left thigh where the bullet passed and then embedded in the seat... People certainly told me that I had gotten very lucky,” he said.

The victim said he hopes police nab the suspect soon as "he poses a danger to other people.”

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department told Fox News it was seeking an “unknown black male, 20 to 25-year old” who is around 180 pounds with a medium complexion and “low afro-style hair.”