Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston fans are reeling from news of the singer’s sudden death, which was announced on Saturday. Reuters

Whitney Houston fans are reeling from news of the pop diva's sudden death, which was announced on Saturday after her body was found in a Los Angeles hotel. Heralded for her majestic voice, Houston left a gaping hole in the heart of the music industry that paid tribute to her musical legacy at the Grammy Awards on Sunday.

Houston's body was found in a bathtub in a fifth-floor suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday. The cause of her death is unclear and is unlikely to be revealed anytime soon. Coroner's officials have said they will not release the results of the singer's autopsy as police detectives continue to investigate the death.

There were no indications of foul play, but rumors surrounding her death signal to the possibility of an overdose of prescription drugs. Houston has battled with drug and alcohol abuse for years:

1992: This was the prime year for Whitney Houston's career and personal life. She starred alongside Kevin Costner in The Body Guard, and recorded the film's soundtrack, which won a Grammy for Best Album. The same year she married R&B star Bobby Brown, saying he was the man of her life. I'm very much in love and happy, she said in an interview with NBC in 1992. Rumors of drug abuse started to surface in the years to come.

2000: Houston's bag was seized in Hawaii airport after security found 15.2 grams of marijuana in the singer's handbag. She was presented with a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge, which was dropped months after the incident.

2001: Houston started to attract attention for appearing thinner, which spurred rumors of drug and alcohol abuse, but the rumors were quashed by her publicist, who said she had lost weight as a result of stress due to family matters, according to MTV. When she is stressed she doesn't eat, her publicist said in a statement.

2002: The subject of drug and addiction was raised in Diane Sawyer's Primetime interview with Houston. Sawyer asked the singer if she thought of herself as addicted, to which Houston answered, I don't like to think of myself addicted, I think of it as having a bad habit. Houston explained how she hadn't had time to party in her early twenties and therefore reverted back to releasing her inner rebellion as she grew older. She underlined that she was not shooting heroin, but when Sawyer asked her what type of drugs she took, listing alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and pills as options, Houston admitted to experimenting with all of them.

2004: Houston checked into a drug rehabilitation center, within a week she had checked out. She returned again in 2005.

2007: In 2006 Houston filed for divorce from her husband Bobby Brown, after rumors had surfaced of their tumultuous relationship. Many Houston fans said her drug addiction stemmed from the apparent issues she had in her marriage. Houston denied the rumors and in 2007, and won full custody of their daughter Bobbi Kristina.

2009: In an interview with Oprah, Houston admitted she had started experimenting with drugs before The Bodyguard, a habit that became heavier after the release of the film. She told Oprah her drugs of choice were cocaine, marijuana and alcohol. She also opened up about her marriage, admitting to getting high with Brown over the years. When asked if he had ever gotten violent with her, she told Oprah that he had slapped her once. She also revealed that he had spat on her--an incident witnessed by her daughter.

2010: Houston tried to make a comeback in her musical career that had been overshadowed by drug addiction over the years. She was criticized by fans for having a croaky voice and disorientated performance in her comeback appearances, according to the Daily Mail. The audience said she seemed exhausted after just one performance on the opening night of the comeback tour. She even took a 20-minute break to catch her breath in the middle of the show, according to reports.

2011: Still battling with drug and alcohol abuse, Houston voluntarily enrolled in an outpatient rehabilitation program. Houston's rep said she would be undergoing treatment as a part of her long-standing recovery process.

2012: On Feb. 11, Houston was found dead in her Los Angeles hotel room. The cause of death is unclear as police continue to investigate and wait on toxicology results. Houston ruled over the charts for more than a decade with 170 million albums sold, according to CNN. She won many awards, including Emmys, Grammys and Billboard music awards.