“Who Is Alex” and the hastag #alexfromtarget became top-trending topics on Twitter Sunday. Little is apparently known about the Twitter user, other than he’s seemingly an attractive teen who works at Target. Nevertheless, thousands of Twitter users could not stop talking about him.

Many users have identified his Twitter account as @acl163. He has about 110,000 followers and provides little personal information on his page other than he’s dating someone. Instead of “Alex From Target,” his name reads “DGM_Alex.” On Sunday night, he gained more than 15,000 followers within minutes.

He apparently became Internet famous in a day, and he doesn’t seem to be too thrilled about the attention. If the “Alex From Target” is the same person as @acl163, he lamented about having to change his number.

There are reportedly parody accounts of the Twitter user and he wondered if he was famous Sunday.

Users began to make memes of the apparent Internet star:

He even has his own fandom online:

Others remarked the only reason he was famous was because he was cute:

Twitter was abuzz during the summer with the fictional character Daquan. While some people found the comments involving the fabricated person funny, others were offended by the stereotypical puns associated with the character.

Like with Daquan, it’s not clear how the “Alex From Target” trend started. But it seemingly erupted at once Sunday night. Ultimately, for those curious about “Who Is Alex,” he doesn’t appear to be more than the Twitter phenom du jour.

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