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The girlfriend of Alex from Target, Lindsay Diers, is also building her own Internet fame after her boyfriend became a Twitter sensation Sunday evening. Alex, whose last name is unknown, has a following that has grown to more than 370,000. Diers had accumulated more than 17,000 followers by Monday.

Alex gained an online fandom for apparently being a cute teenager who works at Target. He has the boyish good looks of Nick Carter, or, for the younger ladies, Justin Bieber, with his wispy blonde hair, and that has been enough to turn him into a phenomenon. Seriously, it is as vapid as it seems: A girl went to Target in Texas, took a picture of him, put it on Twitter and then it gained enough favorites and retweets to make him into a sensation.

While Alex is apparently relishing in his new stardom, Diers isn’t really thrilled with it.

In fact, the overwhelming attention is apparently scaring her.

Diers shared the negative comments from Twitter users who shaded her for dating “Alex from Target.”

But there were some positives to dating Alex From Target for Diers.

He’s become such a sensation that he ended up on CNN Monday morning all thanks to a handsome photograph. Diers shared a screenshot of her boyfriend making the morning news.

While Diers might not been enjoying all of her boyfriend’s fame, his employer certainly is happy about it. “Imagine our surprise yesterday when one of our Target team members managed to flood the Internet with images of red and khaki without even trying,” Molly Snyder, a spokeswoman for Target, wrote in an email to the Huffington Post. “We are proud to have a great team, including #AlexFromTarget.”

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