Serena Williams celebrates victory after winning her finals match at the Brisbane International in Brisbane, Australia, Jan. 4, 2014. Getty

Serena Williams announced her engagement to her boyfriend Alexis Ohanian Thursday on the website he himself co-founded. The two have remained largely out of the public eye since they started dating, but here is everything you need to know about the tennis superstar's future husband.

1. He co-founded Reddit. Ohanian co-founded Reddit alongside Steve Huffman in 2005. The website subsequently grew to have 35 million users and led Forbes to crown Ohanian "the Mayor of the Internet." Williams announced their engagement on her verified Reddit account with a poem Thursday. "I came home. A little late. Someone had a bag packed for me. And a carriage waited. Destination: Rome. To escort me to my very own 'charming.' Back to where out stars first collided. And now it was full circle. At the same table we first met by chance. But by choice. Down on knee. He said 4 words. And I said yes."

2. He's fought for internet rights. A self-proclaimed "activist for the open internet," Ohanian railed against the Stop Online Piracy Act proposed by Congress in 2011. He said the act would cripple the internet's future and hurt websites like Reddit.

3. He illustrated all the doodles on his websites. According to his own personal website, Ohanian has created all the illustrations for his three startups, including Reddit.

4. He met Williams at a lunch. The two met at a lunch in October 2015, according to Hollywood Life. She was linked to rapper Drake before she got together with Ohanian.

5. He launched other websites, including one for charity. After co-founding Reddit, Ohanian co-founded Initialized Capital, a venture capital firm. He also helped to launch Hipmunk, a travel website, and Breadpig, a website that sells products and donates the money to charity.

6. He stood by Williams at Wimbledon. Ohanian was seen in the stands when Williams won her seventh Wimbledon title in July. He posted an Instagram after the match showing Williams holding her trophy. "Our queen stopped by center court today," he wrote. "So proud of you, @SerenaWilliams. 22 looks good on you. #Wimbledon."

7. He was born in New York. Ohanian was born in Brooklyn, New York, before his family moved to the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland. He went on to attend the University of Virginia where he graduated in 2005 as a history major.