A 19-year-old University of Central Florida (UCF) student was found dead in her on-campus dorm Tuesday, authorities said. Alyssa Michelle Lewis' family members found her body in her Lake Claire apartment after they were unable to reach her.

Lewis of Jacksonville was in her fourth semester at the school, which is in Orlando. She recently complained of headaches and vomiting, and her mother had traveled to the UCF campus Tuesday morning to pick their daughter up and take her to a doctor, Lewis father told local media.

"She's banging on the door and she's trying to call. Alyssa's not answering. My other daughter shows up with her and they have to go get someone to let them in the dorm room from the housing," Bill Lewis said. "They go in and find Alyssa ... passed away."

A cause of death has not been revealed and UCF police and Orange County deputies were investigating the incident but said there’s no threat to the campus community, according to UCF spokeswoman Courtney Gilmartin. Fall semester classes had ended last week and her roommates had left by Sunday, authorities said.

“We offer our most sincere sympathies to Alyssa’s family and loved ones, and we will make all of our resources available to support them,” Adrienne Frame, UCF’s associate vice president and dean of students, said.

Lewis's father remembered the happy times he had with his daughter, saying: "We'll miss her. It's just surreal. This is the last thing I expected today." He also said that Lewis had a great freshman year and sophomore year at UCF. 

Lewis studied at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and was involved in dance while she was there. She also grew up playing soccer, softball and was in a bowling league.

“I’ve gotten phone calls blowing up my phone with friends from there, text messages, it's shocking,” Bill said.

Bill spoke to News4Jax to dispel any rumors regarding his daughter's death.

"The reason I'm doing this is because there are so many crazy stories out there when a young person passes away. Is it drugs? Is it overdose? Is it suicide?" he said. "I mean, she was on top of the world. She finally got accepted as an RA."