Just days ahead of inauguration, President-elect Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday that folks were "pouring into" Washington D.C. to attend the event. He also specifically called out the group "Bikers for Trump."

"Bikers for Trump are on their way," Trump posted. "It will be a great Thursday, Friday and Saturday!"

Inauguration is scheduled for Friday, with related events taking place all weekend. 

The biker group has promised to block off protesters against Trump during the inauguration with a so-called "wall of meat."

"In the event that we are needed, we will certainly form a wall of meat," Chris Cox, founder of the group, told Fox News. "We'll be shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers. And we'll be toe-to-toe with anyone who's going to break through police barricades."

Cox clarified Monday on the TV show "Fox and Friends" that they expected a peaceful event and they "don't have any reason to believe that we're going to have any problems."

The group attended Trump rallies throughout his campaign and has obtained a permit to get 5,000 people together at a park along the inauguration parade route, according to a Sinclair Broadcast Group report. 

Cox posted on Facebook that the Trump's team has reached out to offer support to the bikers.

"Believe it or not President Elect Donald Trump just called me to thank all the Bikers For Trump for all their hard work," Cox wrote in a post two weeks ago. "He's instructing his staff to give us the resources to put on the best rally possible."

The biker rally is expected to be the biggest pro-Trump event over the inauguration weekend, as activists against Trump have secured many of the permits to hold their own rallies. Cox has described it as a halftime event of sorts for the Trump inauguration. The 48-year-old told the Washington Post that his group has sparked bikers to take action on a larger stage. 

"Bikers are strongly organized locally," Cox told the Post. "They just haven’t been organized nationally before."