Peter Kraus wooed Rachel Lindsay on the season premiere of “The Bachelorette.” On Monday’s episode, he continued to sweep her off of her feet. While Season 13 has barely begun, spoilers indicate he could be the one who steals the ABC star’s heart.

Fans will have to wait to for the network’s season finale this summer to find out who Rachel is officially engaged to, but in the meantime, here’s everything we know about her rumored winner so far.

He’s A Business Owner


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Peter’s profile for “The Bachelorette” lists his occupation as a business owner, but we now have much more information on his career. The 31-year-old owns Worth Personal Training, a bootcamp and nutrition business dubbed as Madison, Wisconsin’s “best in-home personal training service.” Peter’s passion for fitness came about after he suffered from an eating disorder as a result of modeling (more on that later).

“My health and fitness began to rapidly decline. I realized that I hadn’t the slightest idea of what it meant to be truly fit or healthy, and in the winter of 2007, I hit rock bottom,” Peter wrote on his website. The reality contestant went on to enroll in a college diabetic program to learn about nutrition and in 2009, he began his personal training career.

“I fell in love with personal training the moment that I started. The ability to help someone overcome the same fears and doubts that I once had and develop the power to make drastic life changes, provided me with a sense of pride that I had never felt before. I found great joy in seeing my clients’ success,” he explained.

He’s A Model


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Just in case his business sense, good humor and intelligence wasn’t enough for our “Bachelorette,” Peter also has model good-looks. Peter’s Instagram page is filled with images from his photoshoots.

He’s Humble


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Great friends have kept Peter grounded. After returning from the ABC show he shared words of advice his pals gave to him before filming the dating series. “Three months ago I met my friends out for a night in Madison where I let them know that I’d be leaving in a few short days to begin what was sure to be the experience of a lifetime on #thebachelorette,” Peter shared on Instagram. “Their words of advice, ‘Just remember you’re not funny.’ On that note... Thank you ALL for your love and support…”

He’s Already A Fan Favorite


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We are only two episodes in but some “Bachelorette” fans have already pegged Peter as their favorite contestant this season. “Rachel should’ve just ended the show after this date,” one fan wrote on his Instagram account after he shared a picture from his first one-on-one outing with this season’s star. “You are the one, in my humble opinion,” wrote another viewer. “Your date made me soooo happy!! I seriously couldn’t stop smiling,” wrote one fan.

He’s Well Read


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Books are Peter’s preferred gift of choice. “A loving brother doesn’t send you money for your birthday, he sends you the tools to make as much of it as you can on your own,” Peter wrote of some of his latest gifts, which included three business-related books including “The Daily Entrepreneur” from S.J. Scott & Rebecca Livermore.

He’s A Family Man


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Peter doesn’t have children, but he appears to have a deep love for kids. Last month, he posted a touching tribute in honor of his nephew’s first birthday, calling him the “sweetest little man in my life.” Days prior, he shared a selfie of him posing with his niece on a carousel ride. “An awesome week spent with my number one lady,” he captioned the sweet picture.

Watch Peter’s journey on “The Bachelorette” Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.